‘It Forces You to be Open’

It’s not often that Regina Hall divulges too much about her personal life, but she recently shared a moving story about how her father inspired her to become an actress.

There’s no doubt that Regina Hall is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. Aside from starring in various television shows and films, she became the first African American to win the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress.

But Hall would not have achieved this level of success without the help of her late father, Obie Hall. In a recent cover interview for Health, she explained how the loss of her father inspired her to pursue her acting dreams.

Regina Hall at Build Studio on March 12, 2020 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images


Despite her interest in acting, Hall never thought about pursuing it as a career. She attended grad school for a journalism degree during her early twenties when she unexpectedly lost her father.

His passing was the catalyst for Hall’s reevaluation of life, and she also realized how fleeting it is and how rapidly it can change. That sparked the desire to act, she said. The actress added:

“The thing about feeling broken is that it forces you to be open—you feel like you don’t have much, so you don’t overthink everything.”


Having taken these attitudes to heart has proven useful since Hall has appeared in over 40 films and television shows over the years, most recently on the Showtime television series “Black Monday.”

Hall, who will appear in the Hulu series “Nine Perfect Strangers” along with Nicole Kidman, turned 50 last year, and she said it was a significant milestone for her. She viewed life as an ever-evolving thing, one where people keep learning and changing. 

During her adolescence, the star thought about this and planned on returning to the church in 2010.

The actress recently signed on for a Peacock Limited Series sequel titled “The Best Man: Final Chapters,” which will reunite her with her co-stars from “The Best Man” and “The Best Man Holiday.” 


Meanwhile, at her age, few details are known about Hall’s dating life. No matter how many people pressure her, she won’t reveal her dating relationship to the public unless it becomes more serious.

In an interview, Hall said, “I just feel like relationships are sacred until you’re in a space where you are really certain and knowing.” She added that she would not invite the public until she can get a clearer picture of this part of her life.

When questioned about what she expects to find in love in the future, Hall said she hopes for mutually beneficial relationships. She isn’t looking to get married in the traditional way.


In a 2018 interview, Hall mentioned that she attended a Catholic school as a child, which she described as a very comfortable environment. According to her, she may have been a nun in a past life.

Hall had a very close bond with the nuns running her school when she was 14. She noticed that their time in prayer had a peaceful feel, and neither of them had to stress over their clothing choices.

During her adolescence, the star thought about this and planned on returning to the church in 2010. However, Hall failed to become a nun. Still, she has accomplished many things along the way.


Executive Vice President Amy Israel emphasized that Hall is an undeniably great star, behind and in front of the camera. She underlined that Hall is one of the best and most dynamic actresses of her generation.

Hall’s newly-established production company, Rh Negative, recently signed a first-look contract with Showtime and secured a six-film deal with ViacomCBS’ Entertainment & Youth Group.

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