It’s Time to Revisit General Hospital Odd Couple Maxie and Spinelli

It’s been over 12 years since Maxie and Spinelli celebrated their non-wedding with a fun-filled reception at Jake’s. Now it might be time for the pair to get the party started again. With Maxie’s love life in shambles, following her disastrous involvement with Peter, and Spinelli’s relationship with Ellie over and done, the groundwork is set to revisit the General Hospital odd couple.

General Hospital: Moving On

What better way for the pair to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts and lives than to move on together? Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) understand each other as no one else can. They share a daughter. They’ve been in each other’s lives for over a decade. Although they didn’t like each other from the get-go, they got close to investigating Maxie’s sister Georgie’s murder and eventually fell in love.

Sure, their plans to say “I Do” at the altar never materialized, but it wasn’t because they didn’t feel real genuine love for each other. It was because they were young, and Maxie wasn’t ready to fully commit to anyone. So they mutually decided to back up and not take that big step, and it was the perfect decision at the time.

Older and Wiser

In the years since their split, the General Hospital pair have remained loving friends, trusted confidants, and, above all, devoted parents to their daughter, Georgie. Even living in separate states, never hampered their special bond. It remained strong, real, and unbreakable. That’s why reconnecting as a couple now would be so easy. The foundation for a loving relationship is already there.

Super Dad and Protector

And who better to be a stepfather to Maxie’s son, James, and baby daughter, Lulu than Spinelli? He’s already proven what a devoted dad he is to Georgie. Opening his heart up to Maxie’s kids would be a natural fit for him. Plus, with the evil Peter August lurking in the distance, Spinelli’s mob ties would be a bonus. It would mean instant protection for Maxie and her little ones from the Corinthos organization.

The time is right to revisit Maxinista and The Jakal. All the stars are aligned perfectly. All the General Hospital writers have to do is make it happen and finally, make longtime Maxie, and Spinelli fans’ dreams come true.

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