ITZY Stylists Receive Criticism for Dressing Members in Unflattering Outfits

Criticism against ITZY’s stylists is at an all-time high as supports accuse them of dressing the idols in unflattering clothes for their LOCO promotions. Keep on reading for all the details.

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On September 24, ITZY released their first studio album Crazy in Love with the lead single LOCO. For the music video, ITZY showed off their unique girl-crush color. The song itself was well-loved by listeners, with many loving how hands-on the producers GALACTIKA, were with the song. Everything is perfect… except for the outfits, which have received major flack for looking too weird on the girls.

When LOCO was released, ITZY performed the song for their Special Comeback Showcase As it was their first stage, many were highly anticipating the performance and the styles they were going to wear.

However, while the outfits made a statement, many believed that the costumes were too strange for even ITZY to wear. Specifically, Yeji’s outfit was criticized for looking too much like lingerie.


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Ryujin’s outfit was also criticized for being overly flashy and unsightly, with many saying that it appears the stylist just mixed and matched pieces at random.

For many, it is a shame that Ryujin’s outfit did not enhance her figure and beauty, especially now, when people are praising her glow-up.


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Yuna’s outfit also received negative feedback. People commented that her outfit had too many holes and revealed too much skin, which is inappropriate, as she is only 17 years old. In addition, while people said the shirt flattered the idol, the cuts at the waist were too deep. People hoped the stylists would dress Yuna more appropriately.


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Another reason Yuna’s outfit received criticism was because of her pants. On this day, Yuna wore wide-leg pants that were patched up with different patterns of fabric. People believed the piece was too messy, and some even joked that Yuna looked like a mermaid caught in a net with this outfit.

The outfits were worn again on Inkigayo. While supporters had no problem with re-using costumes, people hated sticking with this form of styling.

ITZY Stylists Continue to Receive Backlash Following ‘Music Bank’ Stage

When they performed on Music Bank, the criticism continued. Many were upset that the stylists dressed Yuna, who was born in 2003, in a short black dress with a deep slit on the chest. People, once again, stated that this was a look that was not appropriate for someone of her age.


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While Ryujin is earning praise for her enhanced visuals, many are upset that the stylists dressed her in a “strange” outfit. Ryujin was dressed in a short red and black dress with a loose jacket and thin, black stockings for this stage. People stated the pieces did not match and made her look shorter than she actually is.


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Lia was seen wearing a baggy red shirt with a blue tank-top inside. The shirt was sinched at the waist with a belt, and she is also seen wearing mesh socks. While the outfit was considered better than Yuna and Ryujin’s, people stated that it still looked weird.


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People are stating that the member who has received the best outfits for this era is Chaeryeong. For most of their stages, Chaeryeong’s outfits have suited her and her aura. Her stylist has only received backlash once, and that was when she wore a fluffy pink dress for The Kelly Clarkson Show.


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