Ivan Hall says Aaron Clancy was the ‘worst person on the show’ and explains the Alexa Caves scandal

Ivan Hall tells his side of the story after feuding with Aaron Clancy on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Ivan Hall had his fair share of obstacles on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, and he’s now speaking out about all of it. 

Ivan had plenty to address, from losing Jessenia Cruz to Chris Conran, facing off with Aaron Clancy, and getting caught sneaking out of his hotel room for Alexa Caves. He gave lots of insider details about his BIP experience. 

Ivan Hall says Chris Harrison called him before Bachelor in Paradise 

While speaking on The Viall Files podcast, Ivan got candid about his time on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Before coming to Paradise, Ivan made statements regarding Chris Harrison’s racial insensitivity and how he would be uncomfortable if Chris Harrison continued to host Bachelor in Paradise. 

On the podcast, Ivan revealed that Chris Harrison called him after his statements, and they had a good long conversation about what he said.

Ivan Hall claims BIP didn’t show all the details of his bond with Jessenia Cruz and Kendall Long

Ivan shared about his connection with Jessenia and how quickly she moved on from him to pursue Chris Conran. 

Ivan admitted that Jessenia had been very upfront with him about her interest in Chris and so he wasn’t completely blindsided when she chose Chris over him. 

Ivan struggled to find any solid connection after his breakup with Jessenia, although Ivan shared that he and Kendall Long had a stronger intimate connection than what was shown on television. 

Ivan discusses the scandal with Brendan Morais 

When asked about the Brendan Morais scandal, Ivan was hesitant to publicly shame Brendan’s actions as the two are friends. Ivan shared that Brendan had been planning on moving on from Natasha even before Pieper arrived in order to pursue Deandra Kanu. 

Ivan claimed that he spoke with Brendan after seeing the footage of Brendan calling Natasha annoying and he shared that Brendan was very aware he messed up. 

Ivan suggests Aaron Clancy needs to grow up 

One of Ivan’s most significant moments on the show was his confrontation with Aaron Clancy as both men were vying for Chelsea Vaughn’s rose. 

Ivan stood by the fact that he didn’t lie when saying Chelsea wanted to talk to him and he revealed that he kissed Chelsea because she had stated that she wanted to see what it was like to kiss him. 

Regarding Aaron’s aggressive altercation, Ivan expressed being very upset with the threatening and offensive language Aaron was using towards him. 

Ivan suggested that Aaron was also talking trash off camera and even threatening physical violence which led him and Nick Viall to state that they think Aaron has some growing up to do. 

Ivan felt confident that Aaron was never into Chelsea and he blatantly stated that Aaron was by far “the worst person on the show” due to the way he would escalate situations and cause fights. 

Ivan admits to scrolling through a producers phone

Ivan’s final scandal before being sent home involved him sneaking out of his hotel room in order to meet up with upcoming contestant, Alexa Caves. 

Ivan explained the situation from his point of view and shared that he and his roommate Noah were around a producer who had exited the room and left their phone behind.

Having not seen a phone in a month, Ivan and Noah were both curious to scroll through the phone and Ivan says he was in such a bad mental place that he decided to scroll through the phone that featured a list of the cast’s names and info. 

Ivan alluded to Noah encouraging him to sneak out, although he takes ownership for ultimately making the decision to sneak out and meet up with Alexa, a woman who was on his list of people he hoped to meet in Paradise. 

Ivan said he and Alexa had a great time and talked for hours and even kissed although they didn’t go any further than that. Eventually, Ivan was caught and producers allegedly could hear Ivan and Alexa from the other room according to Wells Adams. 

With such a rocky BIP experience, Ivan shared that he is retired from The Bachelor franchise at least for now and he even suggested that he is in the beginning stages of a new relationship.

While he left BIP single, Ivan seems to have still found love elsewhere and he shared that he may reveal his new significant other in due time. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 


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