I’ve banned my man’s gran from our wedding so I can get drunk

WHILST planning a wedding, there may be a few things the bride and groom-to-be cannot agree on.

Usually, those things are pretty trivial such as what colour napkin to pick out or which flowers to buy.


The woman wants her husband-to-be’s grandmother not to come to the receptionCredit: Alamy

However one woman has revealed that her and her husband-to-be cannot agree on inviting his grandmother to the wedding day.

In an anonymous post submitted to the subreddit, AITA, the woman reveals a month before the wedding that she does not want his grandma there for the big day.

She writes: “My fiance (30M) and I (28F) are getting married next month.

“Everything is going great, but we’ve been having a serious argument about having his grandmother at our wedding.”

Her reasoning is that she want’s her wedding day to be a big party and doesn’t want to have to take care of her throughout the reception.

She writes: “We’ve agreed to not have kids at our wedding, as we want the reception to be a huge party for your adult friends and family with dancing, loud music and an open bar.

“However, for precisely the same reasons that we don’t want kids there, I don’t want his elderly grandmother at our wedding either.

“I said she can come to the ceremony but not the reception.

“It will be extremely loud and I want it to be a party atmosphere, and she will be extremely out of place.”

She adds for context that none of her grandparents are alive and that her husband-to-be still has his last living grandmother.

She said this has lead to a huge fight, with the grandmother and her partner saying that his grandmother had always dreamed of going to his wedding, and the bride-to-be notes she will probably not make it to the next family wedding.

The woman adds: “Which is why I said that she’s more than welcome at the ceremony, but she will just be too out of place at the reception.

“She and he both insist that she will be fine and wants to go to the party.

“But I just know it will inevitably lead to us dealing with her and taking care of her, and I just want to get drunk and let loose with my friends.

“She’s now really upset and won’t talk to me, and my fiance is also angry. I think I am within my right to make this request, I am the bride after all.”

The majority of people in the comments unanimously agreed that the bride was in the wrong.

The top liked comment read: “Not sure how you could be more TA to be honest. You’re hearing the love of your life say this is important. You’re hearing someone really important to your partner say this is important. And you’re putting getting drunk ahead of that? FFS. She’s been a grown adult longer than you’ve been alive – I’m pretty sure she can handle any tiredness and noise as she wishes.”

Another wrote: “YTA completely agree. Also, you’re treating an elderly person like a child – like a burden. That’s so demeaning.”

The woman said she wants the reception to be a party


The woman said she wants the reception to be a partyCredit: Getty

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