I’ve been blacklisted by ALL my fiancé’s family because of my wedding dress

A BRIDE-TO-BE revealed how a falling out with her future mum-in-law over her dress led to the entire groom’s side of the family refusing to attend her wedding. 

“I didn’t invite my mother-in-law wedding dress shopping because our relationship is awkward but I thought I’d show her a picture to make her feel included,” she explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.


The bride shared her concerns onlineCredit: Getty

“My dress is a beautiful flowy beachy dress, but not technically a wedding dress and could be ordered in colour. 

“I bought it from a small local boutique that we both love.”

But she was stunned when her mum-in-law-to-be BANNED her from getting her prospective frock – because she had already got it in green.

She explained how she planned to wear it for her forthcoming 50th birthday do, a fortnight after the wedding.

The bride explained: “There is enough detailing that it is still clearly the same dress and she has the receipt to prove she got it first. 

“Lavish birthday parties are a thing in our circle, so I know she has invested serious time and money in this party.

“I said that I am still going to wear the dress, despite the fact I could easily return it with no loss, because I didn’t do this out of malice and I love it.”

She said the mum was stressed if she wore the gown people would think she was “pathetic and copying off her son’s wife.”

“[I told her] I’m sorry, but that’s not really my problem,” she said.

“[But] everyone has gone crazy since I said that. His entire side of the family and the friends she invited have all backed out of the wedding, so like 15 people and it will be noticeable. “His sisters were supposed to be in the wedding party on his side but dropped out and have blocked him on everything.”

People were really divided about what she should do.

“The mother-in-law is right – she’s going to look like a deranged stalker if she wears the same dress as you for her party two weeks after the wedding,” said one woman.

But another commentator suggested she back out of the marriage entirely.

“Honestly, I would reconsider marrying into a family that would bully me over a dress. I think you need to stick to your decision because it could mean constantly being bullied in the future over other small issues,” one person said.

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