I’ve spent £7k on tattoos but everyone assumes I’m a drug addict or in a GANG

A WOMAN has revealed how she’s spent £7,000 getting her body tattooed, but now gets judged for all the inkings.

Eva Pearz, from Costa Rica, says people assume she’s a “drug addict” or a “gang member” because of her unique look.


Eva Pearz, 27, says people assume she’s in a gang or a drug addict because of her £7k of body tattoosCredit: evapearz/Instagram
But she wants to be a 'walking piece of art' with every inch of her body covered


But she wants to be a ‘walking piece of art’ with every inch of her body coveredCredit: evapearz/Instagram

But the 27-year-old is actually a marketing strategy developer and tattoo apprentice.

Eva tells the Daily Star: “Some people assume that I am rude or cold and that I only listen to black metal music (just because of my style).

“I’ve been assumed to be a drug addict and/or member of a gang… But the truth is that I’ve worked very hard for the last 11 years of my life to be able to afford my current lifestyle.

“I’ve sacrificed many vain things and focused on developing my life to its fullest to be where I am. So, people can think and say what they want. I’m totally proud of myself and who I am becoming.”

Eva got her first ink as soon as she was legally able to, just a couple of days after her 18th birthday.

She says she’s always “loved” tattoos but became “obsessed” after meeting her current ink artist.

She says: “We started this amazing project on my body, and now I’m becoming a walking piece of art.”

Eva has invested more than $10,000 (£7,290) into her tattoos and she’s far from done yet.

She adds: “My tattoos are are actually a bodysuit in progress, the plan is to cover my whole body – excluding the front of my face.”

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