Jackass cast racks $24M worth of injuries during their careers with Johnny Knoxville at the top with brain injury

JACKASS is probably one of the most iconic franchises in pop culture history, mainly due to its cast constantly getting up to no good.

Unfortunately, some stunts have seen Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and the rest of the cast rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

Here’s a breakdown of the most expensive injuries the cast of Jackass has had.



Johnny Knoxville (in red) has suffered a lot of injuries throughout his years on the showCredit: Rex

Hospital bill: $8,663,000

The co-creator of Jackass took the number one spot after he suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2020 while filming the crew’s last installment, Jackass Forever.

This injury alone cost around $2.5M to take care of, according to Nova Legal Funding.

Johnny has received a total of 16 concussions, injuries following an alligator bite, a crotch injury, another where his eye popped out of his socket, and torn meniscus.

Not to add the multiple broken bones, countless stitches, and even teeth replacements.


Hospital bill: $7,380,000

Ehren has broken his neck three times


Ehren has broken his neck three timesCredit: Getty

Ehren, who has been with the cast since the very beginning, has shockingly broken his neck four times, making up over $1.2M.

Additionally, his multiple finger and knee surgeries have also racked up a couple of million dollars to repair, leaving Steve-O in third place.

He’s also broken his nose four times, his face once, and had his ACL reconstructed following a stunt gone severely wrong.


Steve-O had to actually get skin grafts on 15 percent of his body after a dangerous stunt


Steve-O had to actually get skin grafts on 15 percent of his body after a dangerous stuntCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Hospital bill: $5,820,000

Steve-O, who is known for being the most daring stunt man in the group, has definitely racked up his fair share of gruesome injuries.

He’s had seven broken teeth, a fractured skull, fractured vertebrae, and skin grafts on 15 percent of his body following extensive leg burns.

He’s also had to have his ears stitched back and multiple surgeries on his legs and knees.


Dave spent over $1.5M covering a bill after a terrible neck injury


Dave spent over $1.5M covering a bill after a terrible neck injuryCredit: Getty

Hospital bill: $1,650,000

Dave’s biggest medical bill came after he sustained a terrible neck injury that had him spending $1.5M to fix.

Of course, he’s also had plenty of stitches, bloody bruises, and broken bones to remember his Jackass days by.

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