Jackson Had A Bad Day At School, Mom Tori Proud Of Her Brave Boy!

Without a doubt, Jackson and Lilah Roloff are the cutest celebrities on TLC right now. The Little People Big World stars are slowly hitting milestones, and their parents can’t be more proud. Well, aside from their kids growing up, Zach and Tori are also growing as parents with each passing day. The proud mom often shares details about her stunning small family on her social media, and fans love to watch Jackson and Lilah. In one such incident, Tori talked about a bad school day for her little boy. Here are more details about the same.

Little People Big World: Tori Talks About Rough Drop Off Day, Jackson Had A Hard Time!

Tori Roloff has been appearing on Little People Big World for years now, and she has become an important person for all fans of the show. The mom-of-two shares the most heartwarming posts on her social media and pours her heart out while talking about her beautiful kids. Earlier this month, her four-year-old son, Jackson, attended his first day of preschool. Well, she looked super ready for his school day in the video she uploaded. However, it’s understandable that not all days are just as good.

Little People Big World

In another one of her Instagram posts, Tori talked about Jackson’s hardest school day yet. She started off the caption by letting people know that Jackson is the sweetest little kid out there. He’s confident, sure of himself, and never gives his parents a hard time. In fact, he does not throws any tantrums either and makes everyone happy around him. However, the family had a fun weekend last week, which left everyone exhausted. Hence, like any other 4-year-old kid, Jackson wasn’t in the mood to go to school.

Hence, he was crying as his parents dropped him off at school this Monday. Tori had a hard time watching him struggle, and it broke her heart to walk away from his little one. She wanted to say, “okay good let’s go home and snuggle and eat snacks all day”. However, this wouldn’t have helped Jackson and her mom grow. Thus, she had to leave him screaming as his teacher took him. Tori cried as she sat in the car and saw her baby boy call for her.

Little People Big World
Instagram: @toriroloff

Little People Big World: Jackson Sticks Out On His Bad School Day, Tori Proud Of Her Young Boy!

Tori was agitated to have left her young boy at school even though he was screaming for her and felt bad about it the entire day. She felt terrible and guilty for his exhaustion. However, she added in her caption, “Before I left the nice ladies at the front office called his teacher to make sure he calmed down”. Fortunately, Jackson calmed down and stopped crying as soon as his mom left. Tori expressed that she was extremely proud of the young Little People Big World celebrity for sticking it out on his bad day.

Moreover, she also felt proud of herself for not caving out and making the wrong decision. The LPBW mom added, “I love this little boy so stinking much and seeing him upset is the worst feeling ever”. A lot of moms of her age thought that Tori’s experience was relatable and revealed similar stories of motherhood. Jackson’s strong mom got many warm messages on this post. As of now, everyone is waiting for Little People Big World Season 23 to debut on the screens. Are you excited about the new season? Share your views in the comments below.


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