Jackson Roloff Climbs Up 30 Feet & Comes Crashing Down

Jackson Roloff proves to LPBW fans time after time just how much of a daredevil he really is. Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to reveal her son climbed to new heights before he came crashing down. She praised her young son as he achieved this feat with zero hesitation on his part.

LPBW: Tori and Zach’s son is tough as nails

Tori and Zach Roloff’s son regularly demonstrates he’s tough as nails with little fear. It was just two weeks ago that Tori Roloff took to Instagram to gush about how brave and inspiring her son was.

She penned in the caption of her post from a few weeks ago: “Zach and I don’t understand where he gets his bravery from. Both of us would have mapped that place out before we stepped foot inside and Jackson doesn’t think twice.”

Zach Roloff Instagram

Tori did admit it was difficult to be the mother of someone so brave. Turns out, she spends a lot of time gasping in panic as she watches her son conquer all sorts of scary feats.

Jackson Roloff climbs 30 feet with zero hesitation

Tori Roloff was in awe as she watched her fearless son climb up 30 feet only to come crashing down afterward. She shared an update on her Instagram Stories of her daredevil son reminding fans he was scared of nothing.

According to her caption, Jackson Roloff climbed up a blow-up slide that was 30 feet tall. She noted that after he climbed to the top of this slide, he came flying down the slide with ZERO hesitation on his part.

See a snapshot of Tori and Zach’s fearless son flying down the 30 foot high slide like a champ:

Jackson Roloff Tori Instagram
Tori Roloff’s Instagram – Jackson Roloff

“He’s the best,” Tori gushed in her caption as she praised her little man on just how fearless he was. Jackson had a bit of a serious expression on his face with his hands behind his back to control his speed as he flew down the extremely tall slide. It was clear he meant business as he flew down this slide.

Are you also in awe of how brave little Jackson Roloff is? Do you think Tori has her hands full with this little daredevil? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Tori and Zach Roloff’s family.

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