Jaffa Cakes fans moan there’s now ‘less jelly’ as McVities addresses claims

We never thought Jaffa Cakes would be part of a conspiracy theory, however we’ve been proved wrong.

The food favourite is usually involved in the debate about whether it is a cake or a biscuit.

However, now people are concentrating on the jelly bit inside – saying that it’s got smaller and there’s now less included.

The debate has taken place over on Reddit, where people have been spilling their thoughts on the theory.

Sharing a picture of a Jaffa with what appears to be a particularly small bump of jelly, one user wrote: “The jelly part of Jaffa Cakes has gotten smaller.”

People think there’s now less jelly inside them

Another agreed: “You’re not wrong, I found archive pictures of Jaffa Cakes from around a decade ago and there is significantly more Jaffa.”

A third complained: “Yes, the first thing to change size was the wagon wheel, then they all followed suit.”

While another Jaffa Cake lover chimed in: “You’re 100% right. Left the UK 10 years ago, and haven’t had one since. That picture is a f***ing monstrosity. They must have nearly halved the orange bit since I left.”

McVitie’s has responded to the claims, putting out a statement and assuring customers that nothing has changed.

Sarah Babb, Marketing Manager, McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, told LADBible: “Fear not, we definitely haven’t reduced the size of the Jaffatastic filling in our McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

“When they’re being made, the filling may sometimes set quicker or slower, in true Jaffa be what you want to be style, this can result in a slightly different shaped centre – we can assure our Jaffanatic fans that the size of the filling is the same as it always has been!”

That may not be the biggest Jaffa Cake news today though.

Last year, the treats hit headlines as McVities revealed you may have been eating Jaffa cakes “wrong” all along.

McVities confirmed the chocolate side is actually the bottom of the Jaffa Cakes… Who knew, eh?

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