Jake Paul appears to lick Tyron Woodley in fight clip grossing out fans

Fans have been grossed out after a new clip surfaced online of Jake Paul attempting to lick Tyron Woodley in the middle of their fight.

Paul and Woodley’s highly anticipated fight finally took place on August 29, and Paul managed to come out on top when he beat the former UFC Welterweight Champion by split decision, with one judge out of the three scoring the fight in favor of Woodley.

Despite winning, Jake wasn’t too happy with the outcome, calling the split decision “bullsh*t” in a post-fight interview.

Regardless, the fight proved to be an entertaining one for many fans, but a new video from that night that has surfaced online has people feeling grossed out.

In the slow-motion clip, the two fighters have their arms locked around each other. At that point, Jake sticks out his tongue as far as it will go, and attempts to lick Tyron on the side of his face and neck.

Fans were naturally pretty grossed out by the video, and quickly took to the comment section to share their reaction.

“What the f**k,” one user asked, with another saying, “it’s way weirder than I thought it would be.”

Several people also claimed that Paul was trying to ‘copy’ Tyson Fury, referring to the time Fury licked blood from his opponent Deontay Wilder’s neck.

The bizarre slow-motion clip has started doing the rounds on social media, with people generally finding it to be a little disturbing.

People are already speculating over who Jake Paul is likely to fight next, with some predicting it could be Tommy Fury, but with Jake’s long ‘hit list’ it’s anyone’s guess who he steps into the ring with next.

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