Jake Paul ‘Ex-Wife’ Exposes Humiliating Breakup

YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul had surprised the internet community with the announcement of their dating in 2019. They even went on to get engaged and “married” all within the same year. However, many fans were skeptical that the two had actually got married, and even wondered whether their relationship was real in the first place.

In early 2020 the stars had called off their relationship, and they seemed to be friends for some time afterward but things took a different turn for the pair.

Tana Mongeau comments on the breakup with Jake Paul

In a TikTok video on August 3, Jake had referred to Tana as a “sloth” when talking about the L’s he’s taken in his career, but Tana fired right back with some shade of her own. Logan Paul Called Out For Drug Use On Plane

But in an interview with ET Live, Tana revealed what she truly thought of the comments, and what she thinks of Jake now.

“I was actually debating on responding back just hanging from a tree, like eating leaves, like actually acting like a sloth,” she began. Even if you look at what happened differently than I do, you know, I really loved you and I did everything for you, and there was a time where no one was there for you and I was. And like, I just don’t think it’s a very nice way to act.”

Tana went on to say:

“I look at a lot of the time we spent together and I never thought we’d be in a place like this, and I can’t lie if I say it doesn’t hurt me and upset me.”

Although the relationship didn’t go the way they expected, many fans wonder if at some point there’ll be a reconciliation between the influencers.

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