James Gunn Confirms He’s Developing A New DC Project

The Suicide Squad may have flopped at the box office after failing to recoup the hefty $185 million budget from theaters, but that hasn’t dissuaded Warner Bros. and DC Films from wanting to work with James Gunn again. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Of course, it helps that the second outing for Task Force X became one of the most acclaimed installments in DCEU history, with buzz starting to build around upcoming spinoff series Peacemaker. The Guardians of the Galaxy director admitted he’d love to stick around Hollywood’s other superhero shared universe, and the higher-ups would be glad to keep hold of him.

Interacting with a fan of social media, Gunn confirmed that he’s working on a brand new DCEU project outside of Peacemaker, but he wouldn’t reveal any more details other than the fact we won’t be hearing about it at DC FanDome, and it definitely isn’t Deadshot vs. Bloodsport

The most obvious guess would be a third Suicide Squad, but with shooting on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 gearing up to begin before the end of the year, does Gunn really want to be known as the guy who does nothing else but make ensemble-based comic book adaptations populated with lesser-known characters? Probably not, so it’ll be interesting to discover what he’s cooking up whenever he reveals the mystery movie or TV show he’s working on.


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