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James Gunn is one of a very small collection of filmmakers to dip their toes in the worlds of both Marvel and DC. His Guardians of the Galaxy movies have been major critical and box office hits, but Gunn memorably found himself cut loose because of past behavior and he lost his job as director of Volume 3. Marvel’s loss turned out to be DC’s gain as Gunn pivoted to directing The Suicide Squad, but they’ve since patched things up and Gunn has already shifted into Guardians mode.

Among the many tidbits included in James Gunn’s interview with THR, the writer/director also offered up a status update on the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy threequel. There’s apparently no rest for the weary, given that Gunn is still working on fine-tuning the script even while he fulfills his press obligations for his most recent movie.

His (temporary) absence from Volume 3 obviously had an effect on the film’s planned release date, which would’ve fallen very close to the date that ultimately went to The Suicide Squad. When asked how many changes the script has undergone in the proceeding time, Gunn responds:

“I’ve done a thousand drafts, like I’ve had to of everything. But no, there’s nothing that has been changed according to what happened in Marvel, in terms of that timeline. Things have changed because I thought, ‘Well, this will make it a better movie.’ In fact, I’m doing that today; I’ve been working on the script this morning. So I’m always playing around with little things to make the script better, but nothing has changed since I first wrote the script. But I knew the ending of Endgame, so it wasn’t like that was a mystery to me.”

The Suicide Squad - James Gunn

A Tough Job, But Someone Has To Do It

Filmmaking might seem like a glamorous career, but from my perspective, I’ve only ever seen it as an incredibly busy, anxiety-inducing, and frenetic one. Imagine working nonstop on a daily basis for months before, during, and after filming, staying on top of every unforeseen problem that crops up and working overtime to make sure everything comes together as well as it possibly can…only to then shift into PR mode for that film’s release and then also add in ongoing commitments to working on another major movie that requires daily attention.

Obviously, it has its rewards at the end of the rainbow, but I’m already tired just thinking about it, and I have it easy. All I ever do is write about this stuff!

The Suicide Squad is now in theaters and on HBO Max.

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