Jamie Otis Reveals Nephews Injuries, Praying For Answers

Married at First Sight and The Bachelor alum Jamie Otis is sharing more details about her nephew’s tragic injuries. Her sister received a call last week nobody wants to answer. Jamie’s sister never imagined after dropping her children off at daycare that the next time she held her son would be in the hospital. Jamie has updated fans as he continues to heal. However, until now she’s never shared what his actual injuries are or exactly what happened to him.

Jamie Otis shares details about the frightening phone call from her sister

Fans have been following Jamie’s nephew’s story and sending prayers for the sweet child who appeared so severely broken. She shared photos and videos but until today she hasn’t shared the story about what happened. Jamie went to Instagram to share the details and ask fans to pray some more.

She started out thanking fans for their prayers and support. She continued saying, “For everyone asking, this is what happened…The day before my sister dropped off my happy, energetic nephew at the sitters she sent all of us aunties a video of him sitting up all by himself playing with toys. She was so proud of him & he was having so much fun!🥰.”

Then, Jamie got into what happened the next day. Shes said, “The exact same time the next day I get a frantic call from my little sissy. I can barely make out what she’s saying through the sobs. I could hear the fear, panic & pain in her voice, but I just couldn’t understand…until I heard her say “It’s JAYME” !!!”

She went on to say at the time she could not even imagine how bad it all really was.

What happened?

Jamie continued her story sharing exactly what they found that tragic day. She said, “She told me how she dropped him off at the sitters a few hours ago but she just got a call that he began having multiple seizures so they called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. When he got to the hospital he continued to have seizures & as they ran tests they found he had a broken clavicle, brain bruising & bleeding & several more bruises all over his little body.😢😢😢.”

She shared that Jayme’s parents were not even allowed to see him at first. The doctors and nurses were working hard to save his life and stabilize him. When they saw him it was awful. He laid unresponsive and hooked up to multiple machines.

Jamie said, “Their sweet baby boy – the same one who was just sitting up & happily babbling while playing with his toys was lying unresponsive in a hospital bed. He was in an induced coma & intubated. He had wires, tubes, monitors & braces all around him.”

She continued on saying his parents have not left his side. In an update Wednesday he was awake and getting stronger. Jayme still continues to remain in the hospital. However, he is getting stronger as his injuries heal.

The scary part is that nobody really knows the truth about what happened that day. They are seeking the truth and justice to ensure it doesn’t happen to someone else.

Jamie said, “We still don’t know what happened to this precious, innocent, defenseless baby…but we are PRAYING to find out & make sure it doesn’t happen to another child.🙏🙏🙏.”

Another update

Jamie shared yet another update of Jayme getting stronger and stronger. He is a tough little guy and a fighter. Jamie said, “We’re hoping he makes a full recovery & that the investigation doesn’t stall out. We want to know what happened to him to cause all of this trauma he’s suffering from in order to make sure it doesn’t happen to another child – or something worse.😢.”

She also continued to thank fans for their support and prayers.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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