Jana Duggar’s Wedding Confirmed?! Did Jessa Seewald Spill The Beans?

For months, fans have been speculating about Jana Duggar’s rumored wedding to Stephen Wissmann. Now, fans think her sister Jessa Seewald might have spilled the beans about the wedding. Jessa revealed that she went to a family wedding this weekend and shared several photos from the big day.

As we’ve reported, plenty of hints about Jana courting Stephen Wissmann have surfaced. The two were reportedly seen at a Fourth of July festival, and there have been several wedding registries with their names on them. While many of the registries have been fake, many fans think the pictures of Jana and Stephen at the festival prove they’re actually together.

Jana Duggar IG, Stephen Wissmann IG

Still, the Duggar family has been staying silent about the rumored relationship. They have kept quiet about a couple of recent relationships, and it’s unclear why. But Josh Duggar’s arrest could have something to do with it. Many members of the family have reduced their social media usage, possibly to block out some of the negative comments they are receiving.

So, fans are always on the lookout for more hints about Jana and Stephen. After Jessa’s latest post about a wedding, fans wonder if she attended Jana’s wedding despite the rest of the family not sharing anything yet.

Jessa Seewald has leaked secrets in the past.

If Jessa leaked information about Jana’s wedding, this wouldn’t be a first for her. In the past, she has shared details about her family’s pregnancies and relationships prior to them making official announcements. As we reported, Jessa uploaded a video on YouTube, which showed off Anna Duggar’s growing baby bump. At the time, Anna hadn’t announced that she was expecting a baby. After enough fans commented about Anna looking pregnant, Jessa unlisted the video, only fueling the rumors.

In another YouTube video, at the family’s fall festival, Jessa asked Jedidiah Duggar about his “darling.” At the time, we didn’t know whether Jedidiah was courting anyone. Now, we know that Jedidiah was courting Katey Nakatsu at the time, and now the two are married.

So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Jessa leaked some details about Jana’s wedding too.

Were the Seewalds at Jana Duggar’s wedding this weekend?

On social media, both Jessa and Ben Seewald shared new posts about the wedding they attended. Ben posted a heartwarming video of himself dancing with his two-year-old daughter Ivy. In her post, Jessa shared a series of photos from the special day. She wrote, “Sweet time with grandparents at a family wedding this past weekend!”

Jessa Seewald Instagram
Jessa Seewald Instagram

In the comments section of her post, fans are asking whose wedding the family went to. Others are wondering if it was Jana’s wedding. One writes, “Oh did Jana get married?!!! Lol.” Someone else adds, “So who got married?” Yet another fan chimes in, writing, “Is it Jana’s wedding weekend ?”

The pictures are actually not from Jana’s wedding. One of Ben’s cousins got married over the weekend. Still, her wedding could be coming up soon enough if she’s truly dating or engaged to Stephen.

So, do you still think Jana Duggar’s wedding is coming up? Or do you think she’s living her life happily single? Let us know in the comments below.

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