Jana Duggar’s Wedding May Be Happening Soon – Find Out Why

Wedding bells for Jana Duggar? For months, Jana has been connected to Stephen Wissmann. Their families are close, and now the rumored couple has been spotted out and about together. It looks like Jana has been visiting the Wissmann family in Nebraska, and Stephen hangs out with the Duggars in Arkansas.

So far, the Duggar family hasn’t announced Jana’s rumored relationship. When Jessa Seewald was asked about Jana being engaged, she shut down the rumors. However, despite Jessa denying Jana’s engagement, more signs of Jana’s relationship with Stephen have surfaced. It’s even possible that their relationship was set up by their parents years ago.

Now, it looks like there’s a chance that Jana’s wedding to Stephen is right around the corner. So it may not be long before these two tie the knot.

Jana Duggar Instagram (Jana Duggar BF)
Jana Duggar Instagram

Why might Jana Duggar’s wedding happen soon?

Over on Reddit, Duggar family snarks have been keeping up with all of the evidence that Jana may be in a relationship with Stephen. Now, they’ve noticed the possibility that Jana is getting married in the coming weeks. One user writes, “The last time we saw silence like this was around the Jedding. So it would not surprise me at all if Jana and Stephen married this weekend.”

The Wissmann family performs at festivals and concerts often, and their calendar is posted online. One Reddit user notes, “I just looked at the schedule. After August 9, they don’t have anything scheduled until September 2. They could fit in a wedding and honeymoon.”

The Duggars may be staying quiet in general due to Josh’s recent arrest and upcoming trial. However, when the family does share new photos on social media, they often receive negative comments about Josh, even if their posts are unrelated to him.

Since the Duggar family is so quiet about Jana’s relationship, it’s hard to know how long she’s been dating Stephen and whether they’re truly engaged. But with all of the signs we’ve seen so far, it’s not all that unlikely that the couple is getting ready to get hitched. The Duggars have been pretty quiet about other relationships in the past year or so as well.

Jana’s wedding from DuggarsSnark

So, do you think Jana Duggar’s wedding is coming up soon? Do you hope to see pictures and videos from the special day? Let us know in the comments below.

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