Jana Duggar’s Wedding Registry Surfaces Again – Is It Real This Time?

Jana Duggar is rumored to be dating Stephen Wissmann, but the Duggars have yet to confirm the relationship.

The past few relationships in the family have been very private. The Duggar family didn’t reveal Jedidiah was even courting and only posted once he had already married Katey Nakatsu.

Over the past few months, Duggar sleuths have picked up on hints that the pair might be courting. Recently, it’s seemed possible that the two are even engaged and that they will be married very soon.

So far, several wedding registries have surfaced. Unfortunately, all of the registries that have featured the alleged couple’s names have been fake. This means that people are creating Amazon or Target wedding registries with Jana’s name in hopes of receiving free gifts from fans. In the past, fans have shown interest in purchasing gifts for the newlyweds in the Duggar family.

Now, another registry has surfaced. Is this one finally a real one, or is it another fake one fans should be aware of?

Jana Duggar Instagram

Is this really Jana Duggar’s registry?

On Reddit, one user posted a screenshot of a wedding registry featuring Jana’s and Stephen’s names. The user points out, “Wissmann is spelled correctly here and this is on 2 sites.”

The wedding date on the registry is October 9, and both names look correct.

Unfortunately, this is another fake registry. A Reddit user attempted to purchase something from the registry and found that it isn’t actually shipping to Jana and Stephen. They write, “I added to my cart just to see… One address is in NY (with the name of Mary 🤣) and the other is in NM.”

Another user chimes in, “People make fake registries for the Duggars all the time. The first time I saw a fake one was after Jessa and Ben announced their courtship. And every wedding or baby brings out new ones. Lots of people hoping to get things for free.”

So, if you stumble upon an Amazon wedding registry with Jana and Stephen’s names on it, be cautious. You could end up buying a gift for a random internet troll.

Wedded Wiss…? Could October 9th be the date? Wissmann is spelled correctly here and this is on 2 sites. from DuggarsSnark


So, are you surprised that there are so many fake registries for Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann? Do you think they are actually planning to tie the knot? Let us know in the comments below.

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