Jana & Jill Dote On Inspirational Sister Joy

Considering that the Counting On clan started out as 19 and has only been growing since then, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. Thankfully, social media is a useful tool for keeping track of those that fans of the popular TLC show want to keep an eye on. Such is the care for Joy Duggar, otherwise known as Joy Forsyth.

The younger sister of both Jill and Jana, Joy is sometimes overshadowed. However, it appears she’s working hard to get out of her siblings’ shadows. These days, Joy Duggar Forsyth is trying to carve her own path with a variety of athletic pursuits. That most recently included training for the triathlon.

The former Counting On star detailed what she’s been doing in a recent Instagram post.

“Sprint Triathlon!” she began her post. “I’ve been training for this triathlon for the past few months and got to see all of my hard work pay off today!” Joy then went on to explain the motivation for her hard work.

“I’ve realized that I tend to put myself in a box,” she wrote. “Thinking ‘I could never do that’, ‘only athletic people can accomplish that’, etc… but, it is incredible what some determination, encouragement, and setting goals can do!”‘

Joy was also shocked at what she was able to accomplish. saying she was “amazed” at what the human body can accomplish.

Joy Duggar Is Inspirational To More Than Her Fans

While Joy’s post certainly got her many Instagram followers fired up, they weren’t the only ones.

Several of her sisters took great … joy .. in their sister’s hard work.

Joy Duggar/Instagram

Joy went on to explain just how hard she’d worked over the last few months.

“I couldn’t even swim forward in a pool and was wore out after running for 1 min and here I am doing a triathlon!!” she wrote. ”

All of that to say, what are some things that you have wanted to do that you keep telling yourself that you can’t?” Find some people to do it with, set goals, and be consistent!”

She then went on to lay out that her training had become a family affair. She thanked sisters Rachael, Alora and Adeline for helping her. But they weren’t the only siblings helping her out.

Cheering Her On

Prominent in the comments for the Instagram piece were comments from Joy’s older sisters. Jill and Jana Duggar echoed each other in their words of encouragement. Both sisters said Joy had inspired them.

Duggar siblings update
Joy Duggar/Instagram

The real question now is what’s next for Joy? Now that she’s accomplished this goal, what one will she set for herself moving forward? And will Jill and Jana try to do something similar, since they were indeed, inspired?

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