Jana Kramer Talks Trust After Mike Caussin’s Alleged Cheating

Moving forward. Jana Kramer opened up about learning to trust again after cheating allegations in an Instagram Story Q&A on Friday, August 13.

Amid her divorce from Mike Caussin, which was finalized in July, the One Tree Hill alum, 37, answered several fan questions about her emotions since the split, where she candidly discussed moving on and learning to trust again.

During the Q&A, one follower asked her: “My husband cheated too, think trusting will get easier??”

Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

In response, the “I Got the Boy” crooner said, “The bottom line is that he has to be consistent with telling the truth because if he continues to lie, if he continues to act out, it most likely wouldn’t work, but, if he does the work, you do the work and he’s honest [she gave a thumbs-up to the camera].”

The “Whine Down” podcast host also added a caption on the slide, writing, “Over time I believe you can but the person that cheated has to step up, stop lying and do the work.”

In a separate slide, Kramer noted that she appreciated a follower who said she had handled herself with grace throughout the situation. She added, “There are definitely hard days but I’m trying to see the silver lining and trying to choose happiness, choose kindness and all of that.”


The Soccer Mom Madam actress even dished that “the emotional weight” of her divorce was “heavy to carry” and she was often “afraid of when the next shoe was going to drop,” which emotionally “brought her down.”

Kramer also revealed that she still believes in the messages and points from her joint book with Caussin, 34, titled, The Good Fight. “I do, you know, there’s a lot of helpful tools for people that want to keep fighting the good fight, but it does take two people to be honest and do the work,” she told her followers at the time. She mentioned via a caption that she still found “her words were true” from the time of its September 2020 publication.

Kramer was married to the former professional athlete for six years after tying the knot in 2015. They separated a year later after Caussin went to treatment for sex addition prior to the pair renewing their vows in 2017. They announced their last split in April. During her Instagram Story video, she had called the decision to end her marriage the “hardest ever.”

“I was on the floor having a massive anxiety attack when I decided,” she said. “A person can only take so much, there’s only so many chances. You have to just force yourself to be done.”

She explained during the Q&A that she has custody of her two kids — Jolie, 5, and Jace, 2, who she shares with the former NFL player — “70 percent” of time in their “difficult” situation. She also reminded followers that she sold her wedding ring “a few months ago.” In June, she revealed that the ring paid for her redecorating to “have new energy in the house’ post-split.

During a virtual interview with Extra that May, Kramer was asked if she learned the news via DMs or “cell phone stuff.”

“That and some more,” she explained. “Let’s just say it was bad enough I had no choice.”

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