Jane Seymour’s Daughter, Flynn, Reveals How She Battles Cyberbullying

Jane Seymour is a British-American actress who came into the spotlight in 1972, after landing a leading role as the psychic Bond Girl in the James Bond film titled “Live and Let Die.”

She has four children, one of which is Flynn Adams, who often spoke about facing her fair share of online harassment. She also helped to establish a platform called Threat Resolution and Incident Preservation (TRIPP,) a company that helps people realize the essence of digital safety.

Adams may have been dealt with in the past, but she wants to fight back, and help others do the same. Keep scrolling for more details.

Flynn Adams Shares True Experience

Adams has been partly in the spotlight most of her life, starting from her mother’s famous background, and while she never saw any problem with this, she could definitely not fathom why people would come on social media to harass another human being. The thought was foreign to her.

She shared that as a high ranking female executive in her field, she was subjected to public scrutiny always. She noted that this visibility was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, but she took the challenge as it came.

Sadly, it did not take long for people to start forcing their opinions down on her, and sometimes go the extra mile to troll her and her family online. This online bullying got very complicated that the cyber safety entrepreneur decided that she had, had enough, as it was time for her to take the bull by the horn and fight back to regain her sanity.

A Back Story

Adams opened up about one of the many incidents she and her family faced as a result of people online thinking they had the right to cyberbullying. She noted that one time, a couple created fake accounts representing Adams, her husband, and family in general.

This couple publicly disclosed her home address to the public, making it easy for anyone who wanted to have access to them, and putting her family in a dangerous position.

She went on to say that the couple opened a path to her house, that received a number of un-welcomed guests, who wanted to “cash in on advertised services.” Adams went on to say that if cyberbullying could put her husband and three-year-old baby in that kind of danger, why are there no consequences for the offenders?


While stressing the dangers of cyberbullying and how it is capable of leading to devastating situations, Adams mentioned that her organization known as TRIPP, is one of the first steps that victims ought to take to get their power back.

“It’s not the end-all, be-all solution, but it is a skillset that will grant the user the ability to identify when something bad is happening and to preserve it in the right way,” she explained.

Furthermore, Adams noted that when people capture an incident in the right way, it can determine the kind of actions that are open for them to take. If you are shabby with your findings, you will definitely be given shabby options to consider.

One of the ways that people use to catch cyberbullies in the act, is through screenshots, however, according to Adams, while this can be effective for a while, it is no longer an accepted form of evidence in a court of law. This is because in the past, people have altered screenshots to suit their narratives and punish others who may be innocent.

Is There A Right Way To Catch A Bully?

This question can be answered from different point of views, but according to Adams, there are a number of ways that bullies can be caught in the act without parties compromising themselves or their positions. Her company, Inteliqore, which was established in 2016, helps to walk people through the intense process of bringing a bully to justice.

Aside from helping people get rid of their bullies online, the company also believes in the prevention is better than cure mechanism. Its members find the time to visit schools, where they teach kids about the dangers to hurling abusive words to people through online activities. They also stress the need for filters from these kids, teaching them that other human beings are on the other side who do not need to be abused.

Adams noted that cyberbullying is not only rampant with adults, it happens with teenagers and that is why one of her advocates, Brian Austin Green stressed the relevance of child safety across the globe.

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