Japanese woman passes verdict on Greggs after being warned ‘British food is awful’

An ex-pat living in the UK was warned “British food is terrible” – but this hasn’t stopped her from falling in love with Greggs.

Ariyo, who describes herself as a “normal Japanese girl living in the UK”, is also a huge fan of carvery roasts with lots of gravy and fish and chips.

In a TikTok video on her @tomatoariyo account, Ariyo shows all her favourite Greggs products and eats them one by one.

First off, she shows the sausage roll and gives her verdict as “nice” but a bit too salty.

Then she eats a sausage, beans and cheese melt and says she “can’t wait” to eat it and describes it as “creamy”, “fluffy”, and “so yummy”.

Ariyo explains what she loves most about Greggs

“I could eat 10 more,” she jokes as she shows her empty paper wrapper.

She says: “Before I moved to the UK people said even fast food isn’t good out there.”

Her video has been watched more than 86,000 times since she uploaded it on Thursday (September 2) and many Greggs fans gave their full support.

One user commented: “We had them in school as a kid and called them beanies. They are great.”

A second wrote: “Everyone has got a favourite at Greggs.

Greggs sausage, beans and cheese melt gets a thumbs up
Greggs sausage, beans and cheese melt gets a thumbs up

“Soon be time for the festive bake which is amazing. Love all their pasties to be fair.”

“Try the strawberry-filled daily croissant – they are sooo good,” advised a third viewer.

Someone else who has emigrated over to the UK commented: “Literally, the UK has the best food I moved here from Canada 100% agree with your videos.”

On the flip side, another wrote: “Please don’t let Greggs be the culinary pinnacle of your experience of British food.”

Ariyo, who also has an Instagram account and YouTube channel where she talks about life in the UK, says her only regret so far is dipping a custard cream in a mug of tea.

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