Jason, Carly, And Sonny Love Triangle In Making! “Jarly” Ends Up Cheating On Sonny?

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that things are about to get messy between Jason, Carly, and Sonny. GH Viewers know that Jason and Carly were all in on their new marriage. They had spoken about how their marriage was a real deal. However, then Sonny came in.

With Sonny’s return to Port Charles, Jason and Carly’s marriage becomes invalid. But what happens to the feelings that had surfaced? Would they end up cheating on Sonny? What will happen? Keep reading to find out. 

Carly And Jason Are Married

General Hospital viewers know that Jason and Carly are now married. After months of trying to move on, Carly finally decided to marry Jason. Jason and Carly have been friends for a long and even loved each other. While they had suppressed all those feelings, they let them out before getting married. They confessed their love for each other and even decided to tell that this marriage was a life-long deal. Both of them were enjoying a close moment after their marriage when Sonny came back. Now, with Sonny’s comeback, where does it leaves Jason and Carly?

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will understand everything that Jason and Carly did, but with his comeback, the Jarly wedding becomes invalid. But where does this leaves their feelings for each other? Jason being Jason, will undoubtedly bow out. He respects Sonny and everything that is his. So, he will step back.

Carly being the good wife she is, will give her everything to her relationship with Sonny. But that won’t vanish Jason and Carly’s feelings for each other. So, General Hospital spoilers suggest that a messy love triangle might be in the making on the soap opera. 

Jarly Are Still In Love, What Will They Do?

General Hospital viewers know that Jason and Carly are still in love. Since Sonny has come back, they will try very hard to suppress their feelings, but it looks unlikely that they will be able to. So, Carly will feel really torn between Sonny and Jason. She is ecstatic that Sonny has come back. But she loves Jason, and letting him go might not be something that she would do. GH viewers would have noticed, Carly had a hard time taking off the rings Jason had given her. Jason also found it very hard to leave Carly on their wedding night. So, will they give in to their love and temptation and sneak around? What if they end up cheating on Sonny? 

General Hospital Spoilers: How Will Sonny React?

Soap Dirt speculates that there is a huge chance that Sonny might come to know about Jason and Carly, and he might ask Carly to choose one. If she chooses Jason, Sonny will be crushed, and he might even lash out. Nothing will be the same after that. Sonny won’t be able to forgive anyone, and things will get really dramatic. Maurice Benard

(Sonny Corinthos) had anyway confirmed that when Sonny comes back to Port Charles, all hells will break loose. So, it is possible that it might happen after Sonny finds out about Jason and Carly’s romance. What will he do? We will have to wait to know.

General Hospital

Now that Sonny is back, a lot of drama will follow. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. Tvseasonspoilers.com is your one-stop for all the soap-related news. Don’t forget to check the latest updates. 


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