Jason Duggar Spotted With Kayla Whaley: Are They Courting?

Could Jason Duggar be in a courtship? The 21-year-old Duggar son hasn’t dated anyone publicly yet, and there have been very few rumors about him possibly dating, either. Now, he’s spending a good amount of time with a woman named Kayla Whaley. Who is she, and are the two of them dating? Or are they just friends?

As we reported, several of the Duggar kids went to Los Angeles, California to visit Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo. Jana, Jason, and James were there, as well as a few of their friends. Fans will remember seeing Laura DeMasie on TV with the Duggar family. But this recent trip included a new face, as well.

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While in Los Angeles, Jason and the rest of the group hung out with Kayla. She posted a photo of herself in an LA Dodgers jersey outside the ballpark, while Jason snapped a photo of Jana, Jinger, Laura, and Kayla taking a selfie during the game.

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Who is Kayla Whaley?

Kayla appears to be a friend of the Duggar family, as well as Laura. It also looks like she’s close with some of the Bringing Up Bates daughters, including Alyssa Webster.

In a recent social media post, Kayla wrote:

“As I sit here today, praying and waiting for new desires on my heart, I am reminded —even on a mundane day up in a plane again—the Lord is working. Don’t let feelings say otherwise! Remember and hold tight to the promise. He will do it again! 🙌🏼”

This could be a hint that she thinks God is working on a possible relationship with Jason. But is there actually a chance these two are together?

Could Jason Duggar be courting Kayla Whaley?

It doesn’t look like Jason and Kayla are courting, however. On her Instagram page, she has posted photos with another guy who appears to be her boyfriend. Plus, it looks like the Duggar kids went on the trip to LA without their parents around to chaperone them. While their siblings could certainly supervise their dates, a Duggar traveling with their significant other and no parents around doesn’t seem likely.

For now, it looks like these two are just friends. Maybe we will learn of a real courtship for Jason in the near future.

So, do you think Jason Duggar might be courting someone, even if he’s not with Kayla Whaley? Have you seen any clues of a possible courtship for Jason? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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