Jason Goes Looking For Britt After She Lands In Danger In Greece

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that soon Britt will take matters into her own hands. GH viewers know that Liesl is missing. While Britt believes that if there is anyone who can deal with anything, it is Liesl. But, she is her mother, and when she stays missing for more time, Britt will start feeling scared, and she might go looking for her mother. 

Liesl Is In Danger

General Hospital viewers know that Victor Cassadine is holding Liesl hostage. While she is living a comfortable stay wherever she is, that doesn’t mean she is safe. Victor is a psychopath, and he can undoubtedly hurt Liesl. Keeping in mind the fact that Liesl might be in danger, Britt will decide to go looking for her mother. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it is possible that Victor is holding Liesl in Greece. So, Britt might be able to join the dots and head to Greece looking for her mother. But what will happen then?

General Hospital

Britt Is In Danger Too?

General Hospital speculations hint that Britt might go to Greece looking for her mama. But when she reaches there, she might find herself in danger too. Victor won’t like someone coming and running whatever he has planned. So, he might retaliate, and Britt might end up in a lot of danger. Who will save her then? Will it be Jason?

General Hospital

Spoilers have to that Jason might be heartbroken once Sonny comes back. It wasn’t long ago that Jason and Carly

confessed their love for one another. But with Sonny back, he and Carly might have to part ways, and that would leave him single, and he might go after Britt. It is possible that he might go to Greece after Britt and save her from whatever danger she finds herself in. 

General Hospital: Will Jason And Britt Rekindle Their Romance?’

General Hospital viewers who have been keeping up know that Britt and Jason were coming closer. They had gone on a run, and they kinda fell in love. They were only working on their relationship when Carly decided that she and Jason should get married. They were doing this to show a united front on behalf of Corinthos Organisation. Jason chose his duty over love and ended up breaking up with Britt. Now, after Sonny comes back, Jason might be free, and it is possible that he might also save Britt. So, would they rekindle their romance? 

General Hospital

While it isn’t something that they might do as soon as they meet again, but with the recent developments, there is a possibility that they might think of coming together. According to Soap Opera Spy

, Britt will initially find it hard to forgive the man who broke her heart. But then she might understand why Jason did what he did, and she might let go. What do you think will happen? Would you like to see Britt and Jason coming back together in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital? Tell us in the comments below. 


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