Jason Sudeikis ‘Friendzoned’ By Keeley Hazell, Desperate To Win Her Back?

Is Jason Sudeikis having a hard time letting go of Keeley Hazell after she put him in the friend zone? According to one outlet, the Ted Lasso star thinks his romance with Hazell isn’t over. Gossip Cop has all the details to uncover the truth behind this story. 

Keeley Hazell Friend Zones Jason Sudeikis?

According to Star, Jason Sudeikis “was put back in the friend zone” by Keeley Hazell after the two had a short fling. Sources close to the actor claim he’s still hung up on Hazell despite prior warnings. “Jason was warned from the get-go that Keeley is more interested in a fling than a serious relationship,” the insider reveals. Apparently, after the duo “hooked up,” Sudeikis fell for Hazell hard and isn’t willing to let her go. 

Now, Hazell is trying to let Sudeikis down gently, the magazine alleges. “To be fair, she’s made it a smooth transition by continuing to hang out with” Sudeikis, the source admits. However, friends close to the Ted Lasso star think Hazell continuing to spend time with him actually hurts the actor more than helps. The unnamed source says the couple spending so much time together has only made “it harder for him to move on.” Despite advice from his friends, Sudeikis is “stubbornly insisting that he can win Keeley back!” 

What’s Going On Between Keeley Hazell And Jason Sudeikis? 

Star tries to convince us Sudeikis is hung up on Hazell, but its narrative couldn’t be farther from the truth. While the tabloid did correctly report the pair were seen hiking together last Sunday, that doesn’t automatically mean they can’t be friends. In fact, a reliable source told People Sudeikis and Hazell are “just friends” and nothing more. 

Even when Hazell and Sudeikis dated, it was never anything serious. “They’re just having fun. It’s nothing serious at this point,” the same source told People when the pair were together. Also, when the two first ended things, Star alleged Sudeikis had his sights set on Irina Shayk with no mention of his apparently desperate feelings for Hazell. Although the story was bogus, it’s proof the tabloid is unreliable and simply can’t keep its story straight regarding Sudeikis’ love life. 

The Magazine’s ‘Sources’ Can’t Be Trusted 

If you need another reason to discredit this story from Star, consider its history with so-called “sources.” In February, the outlet alleged Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes split because Mendes was “extremely possessive and jealous” about Gosling’s co-workers. After reaching out to a rep for the couple, Gossip Cop debunked the narrative, proving the “sources” quoted were entirely fabricated. Whether it’s an actual breakup or a fake one, Star just isn’t trustworthy.


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