Jason Tartick Hit By Car, What Happened To Him & Pinot?

Jason Tartick and one of his and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s dogs Pinot had a dangerous experience on Sunday. The two were out walking and were suddenly struck by a car. What happened and are they both okay?

Jason Tartick and Pinot had a frightening experience

Jason went to Instagram to share a frightening story with fans. Following a fun day of golf Jason and Kaitlyn took Pinot and Ramen out for a walk. Kaitlyn and Ramen were a bit ahead of Jason and Pinot. The latter two were waiting on the crosswalk light to turn green. Jason noted that Pinot was anxious because he wanted to catch up with Ramen and Kaitlyn.

Their light turned green. They started to go across the street. Jason said a minivan blew through a red light in an attempt to turn right. When they saw Jason and Pinot they slammed the brakes on. Jason said, “I don’t know what angel was looking over us, I don’t know, like, who was watching our backs.” He continued, “But my initial response was just to rip — and fortunately, I wasn’t texting or on the phone — to rip Pinot back with my left hand. Then I literally just put my ass hip-checked into the hood of this minivan.”

Jason ensured Pinot was safe and not hurt. Then, he proceeded to slam the hood of the van and share some words with the driver. Rightfully, Jason was very upset. The driver was reportedly apologetic. Luckily, Jason and Pinot walked away from the incident with minor injuries. However, things could have ended up much different.

Jason said, “I’m so fortunate that I was just bruised. My right leg’s bruised and my right, like, butt is sore. But that’s it. [I’m] the luckiest in the world.”

His advice for followers

Jason reminded his followers to always stop for a red light. Plus, while pedestrians do usually have the right of way to walk, it’s always best to be vigilant and look and then look again. Jason also encouraged anyone in a similar situation to file a police report.

Kaitlyn commented on his post expressing her gratitude that they were both safe. She said, “Still shook from this. So glad you guys are OK I can’t even handle the sound I heard! Everyone be safe out there!”

Jason and their two dogs were visiting Kaitlyn while she co-hosts Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. They left yesterday to head back home and leave Kaitlyn to her hosting duties.

Shout out to Jason and Pinot. Everyone is thankful it all turned out okay.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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