Javi Marroquin BANGS Kailyn For UNNECESSARY Drama, What Did She Do Now?

Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry is always seen on a roller coaster ride grumbling with her exes. Mostly it is Chris Lopes who has a never-ending rivalry with Kailyn. But this time, it is also Javi on the list. The two were recently seen co-parenting calmly have now turned their tables, and there is a wave of war between the two.

Recently, Javi and Kailyn

were seen taking their 7-year-old son Lincoln to his football coaching together. Apart from it, both had become business partners in launching kids’ sports camps. All this made the viewers believe that things could blossom for the two.

But to the disappointments of the fans, we get to know another heartbreaking story coming up in their way. Recently, Kailyn called out Javi’s ex-girlfriend for fat-shaming her. Javi is highly agitated by all the drama. So what was his reaction, and how did he slam back his ex-wife Kailyn? Let us know the insights.

Teen Mom: Javi Marroquin Shows HUGE Anger Over His Ex-Wife Kailyn Lowry

There are some ongoing serious brawls in Kailyn’s life. Recently she went on her Instagram and shared a series of videos on her story, telling the viewers to shout out for Chris and Javi’s ex-girlfriend Lauren for fat-shaming her. She mentioned, “Shout out to Chris and Lauren for calling me a fat f***, fat POS, and told me to get running.”

Meanwhile, On September 21, Javi went live on Instagram and opened up about what dirty game Kailyn was playing. He said that it’s a long-gone story and why the hell is she bringing it up again. Javi added that he would not let Kailyn ruin the image of his other baby mama Lauren this way and not make her look the way she is not. Javi continued saying that their son Lincoln is grown-up enough to read these things, and he does not want him to get affected by all this nuisance.

Furthermore, He asked Kailyn to grow up as they are nearing their thirties now. The drama is enough now. He asserted that this was the reason why he stopped filming for the show. The baby daddy wants to live a peaceful life and does not want his kids to be affected by all this. He also brought Chris in his words and said that he felt terrible for the guy.“I feel bad for Chris and Lauren at this point. This s*** is over with.”

Kailyn Lowry’s Ongoing Feuds With Javi’s Ex-Girlfriend Lauren

This is not the first time that Kailyn has called out Lauren. There remains a lot more in the picture. Once, when Javi had accused Lauren of violence, Kailyn took no time to take advantage of the situation and started talking trash about Lauren.

According to The Sun, Javi had accused Lauren of continuously hitting him in the face. Lauren, on her part, clarified that Javi had visited her home to pick up their 2-year old son Eli. Despite her denial, Javi kept on trying to enter the house. However, after investigating, there were no significant charges.

Teen Mom

Later, Teen Mom star Kailyn popped up on her Instagram with Javi and started talking about the entire incident. She called Lauren a bad baby mama. There is no doubt, the battle keeps going for some reason.

Is Kailyn desperately trying to grab attention? Do you think the battle will end? Let us know in the comment section.


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