Jaw-Dropping Story: Girl Caught her boyfriend, Who Is ‘Cheating’ By Emailing Shop Owner Over ‘Missing Order’.

A business owner shared a story about how a customer found out her boyfriend was potentially cheating on her after enquiring about an order.

TikToker @itsmollylux shared the jaw-dropping story with her 210,000 followers on TikTok.

It all started when a girl reached out to the small business owner and said: “This is a little weird but could I ask you a question?”

She said yes, and the girl said: “A few months ago I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on my boyfriend’s email. He never gave me any clothes. He has been acting weird, so I was wondering if you could check where the clothes got sent to? So sorry to bother you.”

The business owner said she could not provide her with the address, but offered to check if the name on the order matched her boyfriend’s name.

When she dug out the boyfriend’s order however, she found that it was sent to a girl called Valery.

The girl replied: “Oh my god, that’s my best friend.”

Since the video was uploaded three days ago it has garnered over nine million views and one and a half million likes.

Over 3,000 TikTok users shared their thoughts about the encounter in the comment section.

The top comment with 38,000 likes reads: “Nah bc that would be a fight.”

Another person wrote: “POV: The guy is the couch boy”.

The “couch boy” remark is in reference to a viral video showing a girl surprising her boyfriend at college. Viewers thought they spotted red flags however, leading to the uploader having to defend her relationship. Despite the girl dispelling any rumours that they are unhappy together, TikTok is still chock-full of “couch boy” analysis videos and theories.

Some slammed the business owner for sharing the girl’s name, with some claiming it breaches her privacy.

Despite most people jumping to the same conclusion that the boyfriend could be up to something behind his girlfriend’s back, one commenter offered up a somewhat uplifting (and perhaps, a little naive) viewpoint on the situation: “What if he sent it to her so she could keep it safe before the bf gives it to the gf bc he didn’t want his gf finding it in his house?”

Although we’re not entirely sure what happened to this couple after this story, we have a suspicion she didn’t “accidentally” spot the email, and probably had a feeling something was amiss before having a snoop.

It’s an impressive bit of detective work, but the woman who caught her partner misbehaving by using her Instagram know-how still claims our top spot.


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