Jayne Won’t Back Down From Honeymoon

On the Season 2 premiere of I Love A Mama’s Boy, viewers were introduced to Bryan and Tracy. Along with Bryan came his mama, Jayne. They are incredibly close. So much so that he took it upon himself to invite her on his honeymoon. This was a bombshell dropped on his bride at their wedding and. In a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode, Jayne is not backing down from coming along. Will she get her wish?

Tracy and Bryan’s I Love A Mama’s Boy Relationship

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After dating for a decade, Tracy and Bryan were finally tying the knot. Tracy was over the moon and she really found herself a great guy. They met in college and she already had a child. Luckily, Bryan embraced her baby and they went on to have their own family. However, they had one big hurdle to overcome- Bryan’s relationship with his mother, Jayne.

She raised him all by herself, working two jobs to support them. Now, since he works remotely, she still takes care of him. While he naps, she cooks for him and does his laundry. Bryan believes he owes her for all that she has done so he has integrated her into his wedding. When it came to the makeup portion, Bryan offered to pay for Jayne to get pampered.

Additionally, Bryan invited his mom on their honeymoon. Too bad he did not mention this small detail to Tracy. After the wedding, Tracy’s friend heard him talking about the honeymoon and she ran to tell her. This made Tracy livid. There was no way she would allow Jayne to be a constant in their lives and now come on their honeymoon. Somehow, she still will find a way.

Whose Honeymoon Is It Anyway?

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

In the preview for Sunday’s episode, Jayne and Bryan are catching up in the park after the wedding. He seemingly just wants to relax but Jayne is all about honeymoon chatter. She starts to pry about where they are going. Jayne brings up Cancun, Hawaii, Paris, etc. He can tell she has thought about this a lot. She is way too invested in this honeymoon.

Bryan finally breaks the news to her they have not decided if she is officially coming. She is stunned. So, she has to try to sell herself. She reminds them she can watch the kids if they need her to. It can be a family affair. He reminds her he is a husband now and she should not be there. Of course, Jayne reminds him he did invite her. Bryan explains she is also expensive as they would need to get her a plane ticket.

In return, she offers to buy her own and pay for all of her expenses. He shares that Tracy does not really want her to come but Jayne wants to be a part of everything. Will she find a way to weasel herself into the honeymoon? Find out on I Love A Mama’s Boy every Sunday night on TLC.


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