Jean Dawson Shares New ‘Pyrotechnics’ Video

Genre-bouncing polymath Jean Dawson has a new video for his Pixel Bath single “Pyrotechnics” out today. Visually, it’s a lot to absorb, portraying the highly artistic performer getting buried alive (then exhumed), driving through darkened streets as fireworks bang overhead, singing through gritted gold grillz, and joining a band of purple-smoke anti-fascist ghosts. (Among other things.) Check it out above.

As noted back in June, Dawson initially caught peoples’ attention with his 2020 sophomore album (the aforementioned Pixel Bath), which moved between genres like hip-hop, pop-punk (Travis Barker is a noted fan), and hyperpop. Come February 2022, he’ll be performing some dates with Brockhampton.

“When I’m making music, I think less about genre more so than a feeling because it feels like it belongs together,” Dawson told Nylon earlier this year about his creative process. “When I think of my sound as a home, I use genres as rooms within the home; where I live within that home is in the living room where all genres can sit, have their own sections but at the same time they live under one roof; when conversation starts in the living room there is a perspective in each room that comes into play in one way or another. When people ask me what genre I would classify my music as, it’s really hard because I’m not actively thinking about it! The best I can describe it is pop music from different generations. I’m an artist that is still trying to figure it out!”

Pixel Bath is out now via P+. Get it here.

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