Jeff Bridges Gives A Big Update On His Health

Fans of Jeff Bridges can take a big sigh of relief, as the 71-year-old announced he is currently in remission. Posting a handwritten update on his website, the actor said, “Lots has gone down since my last installment. My cancer is in remission. The ‘9×12’ mass has shrunken down to the size of a marble.” While revealing the good news, the actor made another shocking announcement: He was diagnosed with covid as well. Fortunately, it seems he’s made a full recovery.

“My covid is in the rear-view mirror,” he said. The star also went on to say he was double vaccinated and believes that’s why he had such a quick recovery. Bridges also revealed that he’s been needing the assistance of oxygen to get around, but that he and his therapist are working on weaning him off it. In typical “The Dude” fashion, the actor said the sound of the oxygen reminds him of Darth Vader.

Here’s to hoping Bridges continues to stay healthy and feel better.


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