Little Couple fame Dr. Jen has recently spread some joy on social media. Though she faced many barbarous atrocities in life, Jen has firmly stood in life. And that is quite visible from the way she loves and treats people around her. She shares daughter Zoey and son William with her husband, Bill. The two seem to have excellent chemistry and have always nurtured their kids very well.

Dr. Jen is a physician and had posted a wonderful message on her social media during Healthcare Simulation Week. She said that no matter if you are a brand new fresh clinician or an experienced clinician, healthcare simulation is a great way to avoid high medical risks or deal with them well.

Recently, she has overjoyed her fans with another post. Like always, she shared another moment of happiness in her life with the viewers. Dr. Jen wishes her daughter Zoey on her birthday and gives a glimpse of their happy-go-lucky day. Let us have a look in detail.

Little Couple: Jen Showers Birthday Wishes For Her Daughter, Shares Pictures!

On Wednesday, the 47-year-old Little Couple star went on her Instagram to share pictures of her daughter Zoey, age 10. The photos show the little girl’s many moments of a fun time. Zoey seems to be extremely happy and playfully posing for the camera.

Jen captioned the post saying, “Happy Double Digits Birthday to my amazing daughter! You get more amazing every day! 10!” In the first picture, Zoey is seen standing next to a horse. Meanwhile, other snaps captured the birthday girl on the beach, playing dress-up and home, practicing yoga, and swimming at a public pool. It seems the princess had a great time.

Fans have shown great love for the family. Many admired Zoey and wished her with all their hearts. As The Sun reported, one fan said, “ We watched her grow up on tv. Such a precious young lady. Hope you have a great day of Birthday celebration”. Further, another commented, “That first photo of her and the horse is beautiful”. The love of fans seems clearly flowing through all the comments.

Jen Hints That The Show Might Be Back!

Meanwhile, Dr. Jen’s recent post has hinted that the couple might return for another season of Little Couple. She shared a selfie with her husband. The picture captioned “Guess who’s back, back again,” alongside various hashtags, including “health” and “checkup.” This seems to be some indication that the show will come up again.

 The Little Couple

Lately, the couple had issues with the production house. The legal matter started four years ago when producer LMNO Cable Group sued Discovery communication for $7 Million. In 2020, the couple settled their lawsuit against the producer for intellectual property rights. LMNO and Discovery Communications eventually agreed to a settlement.

Many fans have been questioning about the return. One of them commented, “Please tell me the show is back on Jen!” While another asked, “New season? Please!” while one chimed in with, “you’ve been greatly missed.” All this shows the die-hard desire of fans to see the family on screen. Are you waiting for the same? Let us know in the comment section.


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