Jen Shah Gets New Lawyers After Previous Legal Team Quit

There hasn’t been a lot of news lately about Jen Shah’s legal case.  When the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star was arrested in March and charged with alleged wire fraud and money laundering, news feeds exploded.  Jen presented herself as a boss bitch marketing CEO on the show, a glam diva even in the office.  And while she was secretive about her profession, never could we have anticipated how juicy the potential truth is.  Even better? Jen’s arrest and subsequent fallout was all captured on camera for the Second Season of RHOSLC.

So in a brilliant PR move, Bravo has set the premiere for September 12th, about a month before Jen’s trial starts in October.  Those of us itching to see how this will play out get a double dose of drama; following the trial in real-time, and watching Jen’s meltdowns on the show.

Certainly the Real Housewives star is preparing for the start of her trial in October 2021 and honing in on a strategy with her legal team.  Well, not exactly.  Fox News reported that her legal team quit and Jen has hired new lawyers to represent her.

According to the article, the withdrawal of Jen’s three previous attorneys was approved by Judge Sidney H. Stein.  Stein represents the United States District Court in the Southern District of New York where the trial will take place.  Attorneys Daniel R. Alonso, Henry W. Asbill, and Michael S. Chu of Buckley LLP have resigned and will be removed as counsel of record in this case.

Outbound attorney Alonso revealed the names of Jen’s new legal team.  Her cheer squad to “represent her for all purposes in this matter going forward, rather than Buckley LLP,” will be attorney Priya Chaudhry and her two partners

Ms. Shah’s new counsel of choice” is being briefed by Alonso, Asbill, and Chu.  Anlonso said he has, “been bringing Ms. Chaudhry and her team up to speed for more than a month,” in preparation for the October 8th 2021 pre-trial conference.

It may be an uphill battle for Jen.  In March, U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss named Jen as one of six suspects accused of alleged wire fraud and money laundering.  She said, “Jennifer Shah, who portrays herself as a wealthy and successful businessperson on ‘reality’ television, and Stuart Smith, who is portrayed as Shah’s ‘first assistant,’ allegedly generated and sold ‘lead lists’ of innocent individuals for other members of their scheme to repeatedly scam.”

At the time of her arrest, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea added, “These individuals allegedly targeted and defrauded hundreds of victims but thanks to the hard work of the NYPD and our law enforcement partners, this illegal scheme was brought to an end.”

Meanwhile, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season Two trailer was just released.  Included are clips of Jen’s cast mates reacting to the news.  Meredith Marks is the most vocal about holding her accountable.  Meanwhile, Heather Gay seems to be the only one standing by Jen’s side after her arrest.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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