Jen Shah’s Lawyer Quits Amid Ongoing Felony Allegations

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Jen Shah

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was already a stunner, but season 2 is about to set it off. I can’t even wrap my mind around how and why Jen Shah is still involved in the show. Was getting chased down by the feds during filming not a strong enough sign to get the hell out?

Jen was an absolute mess in season one of RHOSLC. She was smashing glasses and splashing cameras at the drop of a hat. I, for one, thought she was playing a character, which is embarrassing enough. Imagine my surprise when she was caught and recorded absolutely screaming and threatening her employees off the show. Or when it broke she was arrested and accused of playing a major role in a telemarketing scheme that primarily victimized the elderly! Yes, Jen is facing up to 50 years in prison!

Radar Online has reported that Jen is switching up her legal teams as she prepares to head to trial. It seems her now former Lawyer, Daniel Alonso, informed the court that he and his associates are withdrawing from the case entirely. During his withdrawal he said that Jen had found herself a new set of lawyers.

It’s reported that Jen’s new lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, who runs a boutique firm. Priya’s website claims she has  “handled criminal matters from the most sophisticated white-collar cases to homicide. Ms. Chaudhry also represents individuals in regulatory proceedings.” But has she dealt with an unstable Real Housewife?


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Luckily for PriyaDaniel and his firm has been working these past couple weeks on catching Jen’s new team up to speed. I’m sure they’ll get all the hot tea on Jen’s…ways. Daniel has also been kind enough not to place “any sort of lien against Shah for unpaid work” because he “just want[s] off the case immediately.” Enough said.

Jen of course is continuing to claim absolute innocence saying she’s done nothing wrong. She’s even gone so far as to accuse prosecutors of picking on her because she’s “famous.” Bold until the bitter end, this one.

The trial is currently set for October 18, 2021. At this rate I’m just hoping anyone is left for BravoCon 2022.


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