Jenelle Evans Being Self-Employed Pays Her ALMOST As Much As MTV

Jenelle Evans is clapping back at her social media followers who claim she misses all that MTV money she made at Teen Mom 2. The former reality star tells fans during a TikTok Q&A session that she misses sharing her stories on reality television, but she does not miss the show’s editing process.

Okay, let’s think this through some. So Jenelle Evans is raising three kids and supporting her lifestyle just as well now as she was starring on MTV’s Teen Mom series? 


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Is Jenelle Evans Too Sick To Work, Or Not?

Oh, and let us not forget David Eason’s income from his knife-making business. Or the fact that Jenelle is also claiming that due to her severe illnesses, she is barely able to function during the day, nonetheless work. These sure are interesting statements coming from Evans. This is also the same Jenelle whose social media followers call her out several times a week for day drinking?

What are we missing here? According to The Sun, Jenelle Evans looks very relaxed during the Q&A session. Hair in braids beneath an Adidas ball cap and shades pondering the questions.

 “Do I miss being on Teen Mom?” Jenelle curtly tags the video: “Do I really miss it?” following the remark by a confused Emoji face.

One joked: “You miss the money tho,” before Jenelle retorted, “I make almost as much being self-employed at home.” Another mused: “She misses the money,” as the controversial TV personality quickly responded: “Nope. I do not miss the reunions. Nor I do not miss the way I wasn’t allowed to be involved with the editing.”

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What Exactly Is Jenelle Evans’ Job?

“But I do miss sharing my story with you guys. I do miss you guys watching my kids grow up as well.”

So she is not watching her kids grow up being self-employed from home?  Jenelle Evans explains that she feels her fans are missing out on so many important milestones her children are going through.

However, wait for it…Jenelle offers fans another way they can remain a daily part of her life. “So if you want to keep up with me check out my YouTube channel.”

“There’s so much good that has happened in my life since TV but, that doesn’t make ratings.”

Let’s recap all of Jenelle Evans and her family’s highlights that she feels don’t make ratings but never fails to mention during interviews, social media shares, and podcasts.

So far in September alone, Jenelle is being blasted by her followers for the following issues for numerous issues she is sharing either in interviews or on social media. These issues include announcing her dog, Rosie, is expecting puppies. Jenelle knows going into this subject will trigger. 

Jenelle Evans Youtube

It also includes all the details concerning her estranged but nasty relationship with her mom Barbara Evans.  Last but not least, her countless videos prancing around in bikinis, twerking, while day drinking. Then denying she has alcohol issues while stating she will drink when and what she wants because she is grown.

These examples are just a small list of the most recent topics Jenelle Evans shares with the world. Despite reeling in views on social media from followers awaiting the next Jenelle trainwreck, Jenelle Evans still claims she is nearly making MTV reality show money. 

What do you think? Are you buying Jenelle Evans’ income brag, or is she trying to speak it into being?


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