Jenelle Evans’ Ex Comes To Her Defense, Fans Think Something Is Off

Jenelle Evans’ has at least one of her exes on her side these days. Oddly enough, that ex is Nathan Griffith. It is hard to believe that Jenelle Evans‘ ex Nathan Griffith is stepping up and coming to Jenelle’s defense, calling her a ‘good mom.’

Griffith claims that he and Jenelle and her current husband, David Eason, are getting along. That is at the moment despite their tumultuous past, according to The Ashley. It is always in the best interest of the children when the parents can remain cordial. Unfortunately, however, Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans’s relationship has been anything but pleasant over the years.

Nathan Griffith Changes Opinion Of Jenelle Evans

There is a very unpleasant history between Jenelle and Nathan, including arrests and a nasty custody battle over their son Kaiser. Most recently, Jenelle made a point to dish on the ugly details of her breakup with Griffith on social media.

Jenelle was quite smug while recounting the details. Evans proudly claims she took a lot of pleasure in dumping Nathan‘s possessions on his front steps after kicking him from their home. The former Teen Mom 2 star reveals she gathered up all of his things and pitched them at his front doorstep. Jenelle was so happy with her actions she couldn’t help but take a moment to snap a selfie in front of Nathan’s trashed belongings.

However, Nathan appears to have let bygones be bygones. During his interview with The Sun, Griffith reveals he, Jenelle, and David are cool now. Griffith claims he is grateful he is now allowed to spend more time with his son Kaiser and praises Jenelle’s parenting skills. “Jenelle is actually being a mother, and she has been actively involving me in my son’s life,” calling Evans “extremely kind.”


Does Jenelle Evans Have Something On Nathan?

Many Teen Mom fans are finding this newfound admiration between Jenelle and Nathan hard to believe. As far as Jenelle’s parenting skills, well, those are still being scrutinized daily by fans. Especially when it comes to social media followers calling her out on her daily drinking habits. Jenelle defends her drinking, claiming she does not have a ‘problem with alcohol’ and she is grown and will drink when and what she wants as she feels.

As for Nathan Griffith’s newfound admiration of David Eason, Nathan states, “Every time I go to their house, David has done nothing but respect me,” Nathan said. “Maybe there is bad blood in our history- but I’m not going to let what happened in the past ruin what we have right now. So I can’t complain.” 

Buds With Jenelle Evans And David Eason

So props to Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans, and David Eason for finally adulting. But, while all appears to be good, fans feel that something about this love-fest feels amiss, and they are waiting for the other shoe to fall. Do you believe Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith will remain on friendly terms or is drama lurking around the next corner?

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