Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Griffith Shocks ‘Teen Mom’ With Racy Photo

Eat your heart out, Jenelle! The former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith gives fans something to talk about with his latest TikTok photo share.

Jenelle Evans’ followers find Nathan Griffiths completely naked photo share to be very revealing. By the way, Griffith is in excellent shape. Griffith recently took to social media to share a picture of his muscular legs in honor of ‘leg day.’

The photo reveals Nathan in the gym, a barbell on the floor, and a fully naked selfie showing the benefits of all of his hard work and commitment. However, while some photo viewers were left stunned by Nathan’s muscular build, others found a lot about the photo to pick apart. Griffith’s tan lines were a subject of conversation right away. Fans could not help but comment on the teeny, tiny tan lines, according to The Sun.

Nathan Griffith Feels Betrayed By MTV

“I’m just imagining the child-sized swimsuit he must have been wearing in order to get those tan lines. He must have looked so silly. Like Johnny Bravo” says one commenter.

“Who does this?! A f**king weirdo does this. What a psycho bro no one cares about your legs abs your nasty naked body.” Another wrote: “Now that’s just unnecessary, Nathan. Sick.”

Some TM2 news followers feel Nathan Griffith is crying out for attention. Recently Griffith has become very open in sharing his thoughts and feelings on reality television.

Jenelle’s ex and father-to-son Kaiser claims that Teen Mom has ruined his life. He adds that he feels that reality television is damaging to people, leaving him struggling with PTSD. Nathan also claims that while MTV‘s agenda is to reveal the struggles of these young mothers, that the network doesn’t care how it affects the fathers or family members.

“How they wanted to portray me as a person isn’t who I really am, and it made my life so difficult because of it.”

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Repair Relationship

Griffith also adds that he has lost friends and his reputation due to the reality series. “I lived in Myrtle Beach for seven or eight years, and I was never in trouble once before I met Jenelle Evans,” he added.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith‘s journey has been a dramatic one over the years. Their relationship has included multiple arrests, custody battles, and verbal bashing of each other.

“I was dating Jenelle, and I was in the spotlight.” That would get pulled over all the time. Nathan said that the police confrontations were triggering. Nathan also reveals that due to his involvement with MTV, he has lost many lucrative financial opportunities.

“I lost two modeling contracts, one with Jockey and one with 2(X)IST. They both came back to me and said that due to the ‘potential negative publicity,’ we cannot move forward with your contract right now.”


Today, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s relationship is in a good place. He adds he and Jenelle have finally come to a custody agreement they both feel is fair. Nathan also recently states that he and Jenelle are on the same page co-parenting and that he is even becoming friends with Jenelle’s current husband, David Eason. However, as fans well know, that could change at any given moment.

In the end, some fans praise Griffith for his physique; they could not help but compare Nathan and David Eason’s build. “Wonder if Jenelle ever regrets ditching Nathan and ending up with David?” Do you believe Nathan Griffith is screaming for attention now that his reality television days are over?

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