Jenelle Evans SLAMMED For Ignoring Her Children For Clout

Unfortunately, it seems like Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans is always getting negative media attention. Jenelle can’t even post a TikTok without getting hate. However, it doesn’t seem to stop her. Now, followers claim that Jenelle Evans ignores her children for clout. Keep reading to find out more.

Teen Mom alum shares another TikTok video

Recently, Jenelle shares a TikTok on her Instagram. The video in question is Jenelle lip-syncing to Flyleaf’s song “All Around Me.” At the beginning of the video, she is wearing dark color clothes and a black leather jacket. Then, utilizing a transition, she is wearing a pink top and blue jeans with her make-up done. A fan interprets it as “she’s dressed like she’s in a dark place and then changes like she’s happy with her self couldn’t that be ok.”

There are several things to note about this. For starters, it is an odd choice of music. One of the comments reads as follows. “Does she make anyone else uncomfortable with her cringe worthy TikTok videos?” Another follower wants to know if she’s aware that the song is from a Christian band.

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Does she ignore her kids to make TikTok videos?

Then, someone comes after her as a mother in the comment section. While Jenelle doesn’t typically respond to all the negative comments on her social media, this one caught her eye. The initial comment reads, “How do you have so much time to spend on tik tok with all them kids? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ … what a  waste of time.” In response, Jenelle writes, “Well.. let’s think about it.. this took up 15 secs of my day. 😂 is it really impossible to do it with kids at home? No.”

While Jenelle mentioning “15 secs” was probably just a number she threw out there, the original commenter when with it. “Dang you changed and everything in 15 seconds?! impressive 😂😂..”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans TikTok
Instagram Jenelle Evans

Fans stick up for Jenelle

After that, some of Jenelle’s fans chime in. One of them makes a very good point- Jenelle regularly has her kids in her TikToks with her. Another fan explains that they have 4 kids and still have time to do things for themself.

Other fans point out their theories on why someone would make a negative comment. One there is that “people will always look for ways to bring a successful women (sic) like you down.” Another fan wants to know “what kind of person follows someone just to bash them. Says all we need to know about your life.”


So happy to hear this song again after so long! 🎶😍 #FlyLeaf #AllAroundMe

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

What do you think about Jenelle Evans and this recent TikTok? Do you think she’s ignoring her kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Teen Mom news.


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