Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita are fostering an adorable new puppy

After leaving the internet in 2020, Jenna Marbles has been keeping a low profile, with fiancé Julien streaming in her absence — but she’s just given the net a huge update with her brand-new puppy.

It’s no secret that Jenna and Julien are dog lovers. Jenna has historically posted videos with her memeable Greyhound pup, Kermit, and her rolly-polly Chihuahua, Marbles, making them impromptu mascots for her channel.

A few years after her come-up as an internet superstar, Jenna went on to adopt another Greyhound, Peaches, the biological half-sister to Kermit. She then adopted yet another Greyhound, Bunny, who was the newest addition to their family for some time.

Make no bones about it; these pups are spoilt to the max! Jenna has uploaded a slew of videos all about her doggos, including a challenge where she bought them every single thing they touched in a pet store and even threw them their very own pool party (which sparked a hilarious feud with ‘jacksfilms,’ who threw his dogs a “better pool party than Jenna Marbles”).

Now, Jenna is fostering yet another Greyhound — this one by the name of ‘Jamie,’ who seems to be a retired racing dog, as quite a few rescued Greyhounds are.

Jenna’s new foster Greyhound, Jamie, is becoming the internet’s new favorite doggo.

Julien shared pics of their newest family member to Instagram in August, and it looks like the rescued racer is already getting along with Bunny… although she “wasn’t sure what a Mr. Marbles was.”

Jenna Marbles Jamie 1
Instagram: juliensolomita

Jamie is already getting along with other members of her ever-growing family of Greyhounds.

Dubbing the dog an “absolute sweetheart,” it’s clear that Jenna and Julien are all about their newest furry friend — and the internet can’t get enough of this latest look into Jenna’s life after the star left the internet last year.

Jenna Marbles Jamie 3
Instagram: juliensolomita

Jamie has taken over Julien’s Instagram stories. The couple are fostering her, but there’s no telling if they’ll decide to adopt the retired racing dog permanently.

In 2020, Jenna Marbles notably left social media after receiving a slew of criticism over her past videos. Claiming that she didn’t want to offend anyone, Jenna took down a large portion of her older videos and retired from the net, with fiancé Julien continuing to stream solo on Twitch.

For now, it doesn’t look like Jenna will be making a highly-anticipated comeback — but fans are excited that she’s helping rescue and foster animals without a home, regardless.

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