Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer Actually Dating? Here’s Everything We Know

screenshot of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston kissing on Friends

Twitter was on fire this week with rumors that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had started dating. Fans of Friends were rejoicing over the possibility that old friends could find love with one another.

Gossip Cop was hesitant to get excited since we’ve seen this rumor come up numerous times before. Sure enough, the story was not true. A rep for Schwimmer clarified to The Sun that there was “no truth” to the rumor. This was just a case of wishful thinking, but Aniston and Schwimmer are not dating. Here are some more Aniston and Schwimmer rumors we’ve had to debunk.

Reunion Romance

According to New Idea, Schwimmer and Aniston spent the Freinds reunion in each other’s trailers. A spy said the two “found they had a lot more in common now that so much time has passed and could often be found alone together in their trailers catching up.” A source pointed out “that he slid a tender arm around her waist” during rehearsal.

Schwimmer personally told Access there was a strict no dating policy on set, which appears to have been held for the reunion. A rep for Aniston denied that there was any romance between the two, so there was nothing to this story.

‘Second Chance’ At ‘Real-Life Romance’

According to Life & Style, Aniston and Schwimmer were getting a “second chance at love” thanks to the Friends reunion. Schwimmer confessed, “I had a major crush on Jen,” and Aniston added, “It was reciprocal.” While the two never pursued romance at the time, they were apparently determined to couple up now. A source explained, “David was secretly devastated that he’d missed his opportunity. Some say he never 100 percent got over Jen.”

Aniston and Schwimmer agreed that they cared deeply about each other but would remain strictly professional, effectively debunking this story. Plus, Schwimmer and Aniston have had loads of relationships since they met in the first season, so it’s unreasonable to think that they’ve been hung up for over twenty years.

Going Public

According to New Idea, Aniston and Schwimmer were quietly dating, but that was about to change. A source said, “All their mutual friends, including Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, are pushing them to give romance a shot for real — and they are totally considering it.” After years of the timing never being right, the two were finally resonating with each other. Of course, the biggest obstacle would be distance, but a source said, “I’m sure David would consider going bicoastal and splitting his time between LA and New York.”

This bait-and-switch story started by suggesting Aniston and Schwimmer were already dating before changing the narrative halfway through. The two friends and co-stars are only that: friends and co-stars. No romance is starting up, and both have long moved on from their crushes.

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