Jennifer Aniston revealed the potentially hazardous and low-paid job she took on prior to superstardom

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the potentially hazardous and low-paid job she briefly took on prior to finding superstardom on hit sitcom Friends. The 52-year-old actress, who earned $1 million per episode towards later seasons of the 1994-commenced series, has opened up on earning her dough, revealing she took on a bike messenger job in New York City.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the girl behind Rachel Green admitted she only lasted a day, but she did offer details.

Taking On Bike Messenger Job In NYC

Taking fans way back, Aniston spoke of her Big Apple days before she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. “I was a bike messenger for a day in New York City,” she said, then revealing that after school, she’d worked at an ad agency.

“So to make extra money, I would do odd jobs,” the HBO Max star continued. “And one day their bike messenger just didn’t show up.”

Not The Safest Job

Aniston also revealed being completely unprepared for the manic streets of Manhattan. “Now mind you, in Central Park I can ride a bike, I mean, with soft areas to land,” she continued. “But so I just boldly said yes and they gave me this bag, and they put all these cylinders in this bag.”

“In my brain, I don’t know how I survived the day, because it was — to be on Fifth Avenue with traffic, and all that I was holding.”

Here, Fallon interrupted the blonde, joking: “You made sure [the packages] got there, that’s all that matters,” although Aniston confessed she has no idea “what happened to the bike,” calling it “all a blur.”

Aniston now has a net worth of $300 million. She’s also just launched her LolaVie beauty line.

Not The Only Broke ‘Friends’ Star

Turns out, The Morning Show star wasn’t the only Friends cast member struggling to make ends meet before the series took off. In 2019, co-star Matt LeBlanc revealed he was “down to $11” before he got cast, even resorting to doing his own dental work due to a lack of cash.

Jennifer Aniston’s earnings, now seeing her earn $2 million an episode on The Morning Show, also includes her bonuses and royalties from her sitcom days. On Season 1 of Friends, her salary was a reported $540,000. By Season 2, the cast had gotten a boost, with Aniston earning $960,000. By the final season, the star was pocketing $18 million.


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