Jennifer Aniston Shares Rare Update On Love Life

As Jennifer Aniston sat down for an appearance on Bruce Bozzi‘s podcast, Lunch with Bruce, the pair primarily talked about the new season of The Morning Show and Aniston’s new haircare line. However, fans were shocked when the Friends star gave a rare update on her dating life too.

Who Is Jennifer Aniston Dating?

During her interview with Bruce Bozzi, Jennifer Aniston got real about her love life. “Are you dating anybody?” Bozzi asked in a straightforward tone. Aniston was quick to answer, casually responding, “No, not at the time.” In her follow-up response, Aniston hinted she’s ready to put herself out there, “No one of importance has hit my radar…yet.”

Aniston revealed that “for a long time,” she “really enjoyed being my own woman,” admitting she closed herself off from dating until recently. “I think it’s time,” the actress said of meeting someone new. “I think I’m ready to share myself with another person,” she added. Like the podcast’s listeners, Bozzi seemed quite surprised by Aniston’s response and even commented that he’d be receiving “a plethora of phone calls” about her availability. “Why, do you have somebody you wanna set me up with?” Aniston jokingly asked Bozzi.

Jennifer Aniston’s Views On Dating

Aniston and Bozzi’s conversation about dating naturally shifted to the actress’s approach to finding love. “I’m an old school girl,” Aniston said after making it clear dating apps like Tinder are out of the picture for her. Instead, the Friends actress said she’d like to meet someone in person even though that’s not the norm these days. “People don’t come up to people anymore. People don’t do that,” Aniston observed.

Bozzi then asked more in-depth questions about Aniston’s view on personal connections and indicators that she’s found “the one.” Aniston said characteristics like “humor,” generosity, “confidence but not cockiness,” a love for fitness, and overall kindness are things her partner must have. “That and then the ease in which the conversation flows the first time,” Aniston included.

Rumors About Jennifer Aniston’s Love Life

There have been some pretty wild rumors when it comes to who Jennifer Aniston could potentially be dating. After the much-anticipated Friends reunion, some tabloids alleged David Schwimmer and Aniston took their on-screen romance into real life. Other rumors claimed Aniston was “friends with benefits” with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, which was also entirely bogus.

It’s apparent people are so eager for Jennifer Aniston to be in a relationship that they’re willing to believe ridiculous gossip media falsehoods. However, fans may be getting what they’ve been waiting for, as Aniston is ready to finally start dating again!


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