Jennifer Garner Shared Her Blackberry Cobbler Recipe, Here’s Why You Need To Steal It

Jennifer Garner wears a red dress and smiles on the red carpet

Jennifer Garner recently uploaded a delightful video of herself and her friend’s mom baking a blackberry cobbler together, and the two women could not have been more adorable together. The cobbler also looked delicious, but it’s a testament to Garner’s charming chemistry with the woman she affectionately called her “bonus mom” that the totally yummy-looking cobbler took second fiddle to the heartwarming connection the two ladies shared. That being said, we’re still going to share the recipe because this was possibly the perfect cobbler we’ve ever seen.

Jennifer Garner Bakes With The Most Adorable Partner Ever

Together with an older woman she alternatively called “Mom” and “Mrs. Lantz,” Jennifer Garner created one of the most scrumptious looking blackberry cobblers we’ve ever seen. In a video she captioned “#PretendCookingShow,” Garner and Lantz walked the actress’ fans through how to bake a delicious cobbler of their own.

The two were clearly comfortable working together in the kitchen, and even though they aren’t actually mother and daughter, the two wore nearly identical striped shirts. Clearly, great minds think alike. Also, Lantz was clearly in charge of the process since it was her potluck-famous blackberry cobbler recipe, after all.

A Truly Drool-Worthy Blackberry Cobbler For The Ages

Garner followed her “bonus mom’s” instructions to the letter, even reminding the older woman to add salt to the recipe when Lantz almost forgot it. It sounds like Garner knows the recipe even better than her baking mentor! Despite the near-mishap, the rest of the baking session went off without a hitch. The results speak for themselves.


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Lantz and Garner were so wonderful together; we wish the two really did have a cooking show together. We’d watch that every day, especially if all their goodies come out as wonderfully as this blackberry cobbler did! Not only was the end product so very worth the wait, but the entire video, from start to finish, was an absolute joy to watch. Our personal favorite moment was watching Garner hop up on the kitchen counter to watch Lantz work, making the actress seem so much younger than her 49 years. What an absolute delight this was to watch!


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