Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Fighting Over Prenup And Long Distance?

The on-again, off-again romance between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continuously sparks rumors amongst the tabloids. Now that the couple is officially back together, there’s been some pretty crazy gossip about their relationship. Gossip Cop has the most recent tabloid coverage on the duo, so let’s check it out!

Jennifer Lopez Puts Ben Affleck On Strict Routine?

In August, the National Enquirer reported Jennifer Lopez put Ben Affleck on a strict exercise routine. Although a source admitted that Affleck had “dropped a ton of weight in his rear end,” they claimed that the new routine had adverse effects. The snitch said Lopez’s “obsession with looking perfect” started to rub off on Affleck. 

The tabloid claimed Lopez kept an intense exercise schedule, and she had to force Affleck to do the same. “She’s got him on a strict routine that starts at the crack of dawn without fail,” the source leaked. Affleck apparently hated the schedule Lopez had him on and was miserable, but thought “it could really benefit his career” if he stuck with it. 

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Waiting On A Prenup?

A few weeks ago, Us Weekly claimed Lopez and Affleck were waiting for their prenup to be finalized before heading to the altar. “The bottom line is Jennifer’s worth more than Ben is, so it’s a no-brainer she wants to protect her finances and investments,” an insider revealed. 

Apparently, the primary concern for Lopez and Affleck was to protect the money they’ve made in the past and what’s to come. “It’s well and good for them to be in love, but they both need to protect their considerable fortunes,” the same source noted. The tabloid wrapped up the story by asserting after the prenup was handled, Lopez and Affleck would “be engaged in the near future.”

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Hit A Snag?

A few days ago, the Globe alleged that long-distance proved difficult for Lopez and Affleck’s romance. Although Lopez wanted to visit Affleck on the set of his new movie, the actor thought it would do them good “to have a little time apart.” An insider close to the couple revealed that Lopez wasn’t taking Affleck’s decision “well at all” and worried “he’s pushing her away.”

According to the outlet, Lopez wanted to buy a house in Texas where Affleck was filming, making it easy for them to spend time together. However, Affleck wanted to take back the power in the relationship so he wouldn’t “be pushed around and dictated” like Lopez’s last beau, Alex Rodriguez. The unnamed insider finished by leaking Lopez was “getting clingy” and that the “argument won’t be resolved until she gets her way.”

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