Jennifer Lopez Refusing To Get Engaged To Ben Affleck As They Hash Out A Prenup?

Are tensions rising between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as they hash out their prenup? One tabloid claims an official engagement is off the table until they each secure their finances. After looking into the story, here’s what we found.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck ‘Under Pressure’ To Ink Prenup?

This week, Us Weekly reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck want to spend their lives together — but not before they know their respective finances will be safe. According to the tabloid, the couple is anxiously awaiting word from their lawyers ensuring that their prenuptial agreement has been finalized. “It’s a complicated process, and proving to be a little stressful,” a source dishes. “The bottom line is Jennifer’s worth more than Ben is, so it’s a no-brainer she wants to protect her finances and investments.”

Affleck is said to have a net worth of $150 million, while Lopez has garnered $400 million throughout her career. According to the magazine, Affleck isn’t trying to touch Lopez’s existing fortune, but he wants to make sure whatever he makes in the future will be his. “Ben’s not going to ask for anything that’s not his, but he’s also not going to sign away his rights in investments they’re likely to make together,” the source says.

The insider goes on, “It’s well and good for them to be in love, but they both need to protect their considerable fortunes. The sooner this is done, they’ll be able to take the next step. Nobody doubts they’ll be engaged in the near future.”

Jennifer Lopez Desperate To Protect Her Assets?

If Lopez and Affleck are getting married, it only makes sense that they would want to a prenup, especially given Lopez’s sizeable fortune. The thing is, there’s no evidence to suggest Affleck and Lopez are headed for the altar. It isn’t unlikely, but it’s a bit premature to report on prenups when there are no credible sources confirming their plans to get married.

Besides, who is giving the tabloid this information? Their accountants or lawyers? The magazine depends on an unnamed source to back up its story and nothing else. Until a more reliable outlet — or even better, Lopez and Affleck themselves — confirm the engagement rumors, it’s safer to put a hold on prenup stories. You can be sure that if news of a Bennifer engagement does break, it will break the internet. Speculative stories like these don’t mean much without evidence.

The Tabloids On A Bennifer Engagement

Besides, we’ve busted plenty of stories claiming Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are in a rush down the aisle. None of them have turned out to be true. Back in June, In Touch reported Affleck and Lopez were engaged. Then the National Enquirer claimed Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was having a “meltdown” over the alleged engagement. And more recently, Who reported the couple had decided to elope. Obviously, the tabloids aren’t reliable when it comes to Affleck and Lopez’s plans for the future.


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