‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Alex Trebek Insisted on Wearing Flight Suit To Dinner

Alex Trebek was the beloved “Jeopardy!” host for over 30 years and following his death last November, the show to which he dedicated much of his life continues to share memorial posts about the host’s most special and memorable moments. Most recently, the game show’s Instagram page shared a series of photos featuring Trebek in a United States Airforce flight suit gifted to him by the military branch itself.

While Trebek not only enthusiastically donned the suit and partook in the themed shoot, he insisted on wearing the suit to dinner afterward. Apparently, the icon couldn’t part with the suit because the “Jeopardy!” Instagram page shared that, “A duplicate may have been arranged for [Trebek] to frame and hang in our Hall of Fame.”

Fans shared their adoration for Trebek in the comments section of the post, expressing their sorrow at the longtime host’s passing and wishing someone more fitted to the role of the host had taken over following his demise.

One Trebek fan wrote, “He was such a class act,” which was followed by, “We miss Alex so much.” Others shared similar sentiments, simply commenting multiple hearts or crying emojis.

When Did Alex Trebek Don the Airforce Flight Suit, and Why?

Alex Trebek donned his beloved flight suit for a “Jeopardy!” episode which featured the icon presenting questions about the United States Airforce from Japan. According to a producer’s note detailing the post, Trebek, “was always generous with his time when it came to meeting our troops stationed abroad.”

The “Jeopardy!” special and meet-and-greet is where Trebek received his flight suit, donning the outfit for the entirety of the shoot. The producer’s note further said the host took “an immediate liking to the one-piece” as it differed greatly from his usual attire.

Later, following the shoot, someone asked Alex Trebek if he wanted to change out of the one-piece to go have dinner with the flight crew. His response? “Do I have to? All the other guys are going to be wearing theirs.”

Truly a class act then.

Where to Catch the Class Act Now

While “Jeopardy!” fans are still readjusting to the famous game show without their beloved host, people can still catch Alex Trebek making cameos elsewhere.

Throughout Trebek’s battle with pancreatic cancer, which plagued him for two years before his death, the “class act” took time to make a special cameo in a new film called, “Free Guy.” The movie, which premiered in theaters across the United States on the 13th, stars Ryan Reynolds, whose character occupies a world much like that in “Grand Theft Auto.”

Trebek’s cameo in the film, however brief, is still as iconic as we would expect from the “Jeopardy!” host. The scene shows Trebek reading off a question about Reynolds’ character, Guy, and his appearance is both reminiscent and humorous.

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