Jeremy-Audrey Buying $1M Farmhouse? 100-YEAR-OLD Massive Property!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are ready to welcome major changes in their lives. The couple is looking for their dream house, and it seems like they’ve found the match. Well, the former Little People Big World stars were planning to buy a property very similar to LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff’s farm. However, they have now settle for a smaller property than the 100-acres Roloff Farms. The stunning property seems to have everything the couple desired and might become the final stop of their months-long property hunting. Here’s all you need to know about the same.

LPBW: Jeremy & Audrey Scout $1M Property Spread In 2 Acres!

For months, Little People Big World celebrities Jeremy and Audrey Roloff had been looking for their dream house. Well, they decided on buying a new property after their offer to buy the Roloff farms was rejected. Jeremy expressed that the deal fell off, and hence, he started looking for a property similar to Matt’s farm. The couple has been a few places before and almost booked a 120-acre property with a historical barn. Since they didn’t finalize it, the couple is now on the hunt again. They recently stumbled upon a farmhouse, and it seems like it might end the property hunting routine.

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Audrey Roloff recently posted some pictures and videos of another property they were trying to scout. Seven months pregnant, Audrey walked onto the property in her iconic boots and revealed that her kids also approved of the place. This is because the property had a huge play area with a huge playhouse and swings for the kids. As the young mom walked into the house, she revealed that it’s actually a 1920’s farmhouse. The house had a fireplace alongside a stunning living room and dining area. Jeremy’s wife also liked the “old vintage bathroom vanities.”

Aside from the tour of the house, Audrey captured her daughter Ember’s reaction as she interacted with the alpacas on the property. Then, Roloff showed off the stunning front porch and the front yard of their possible future house, along with a front picture of the beautiful house. A lot of Audrey’s followers were impressed with the house, so she received many messages about the property. As of now, it isn’t clear whether the LPBW couple will eventually buy this farmhouse or not. However, given that nearly all members of the family are satisfied, they might end up signing the deal.

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LPBW [Exclusive]: All About The 100-Year-Old Property!

While it isn’t as big as the Roloff Farms, the property that Jeremy and Audrey just vis ited is magnificent in itself. It is currently on sale on Zillow

for a total of $1,000,000. The Vintage Farmhouse is more than 100 years old now as it was built back in 1914 and was later remodeled to accommodate the modern-day lifestyle. The property is spread on a stunning 2-acre lot while the massive house is 2876 sqft big. It has four bedrooms with hardwood floors and closets, along with three bathrooms and a beautiful kitchen. On top of that, the living room has a fireplace, hardwood floors, and skylights.

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Aside from a basement, the house has several other amenities too. The property has a detached parking area with eight total spaces and RV access as well. The property also has farm animals, including the alpacas featured in Audrey’s IG stories. Besides, this property is situated in Forest Grove, Oregon. Luckily, it is only 15 miles away from the Roloff farms and takes less than half an hour to reach. Hence, it might be a good choice for Jeremy, Audrey, and their family to finalize this property, given that all of them liked it. However, we’ll have to wait to know what eventually happens.

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Audrey is currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy. The LPBW alum will soon welcome her third child with Jeremy Roloff. There are chances that the couple is rushing the property hunting process so that they can bring their third baby directly into the new house. Did you like the Forest Grove property? Share your views in the comments below. Also, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for more exclusive Little People Big World updates.


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