Jeremy & Audrey Roloff ‘Disgusting’ Decision Has ‘LPBW’ Fans Gagging

LPBW fans are calling major parenting fail on Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s latest blunder. In addition, the reality stars are under fire today for a nasty Instagram story that their followers find disgusting.

The five-second rule does not apply at Roloff’s house. Audrey goes into many details on her Instagram story, revealing they are dealing with a little dilemma according to The Sun.

It seems things may have gotten out of hand today for the young parents. Audrey Roloff reveals that the incident involves the kids and a bag of orange shredded cheese. Bode,1, somehow manages to get a hold of the pack of cheese, which ends up in a heaping pile on the kitchen floor. 

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Go Too Far

“Lol squish is getting a bit more resourceful these days,” Audrey wrote, as Jeremy told her in the video that “he pulled it off the counter.”

Fans are finding the story cute until they reveal what happens next. Instead of scooping the kids up and away from the massive pile of shredded cheese, Jeremy and Audrey allow Bode and Ember, 3, to grab handfuls of cheese from the kitchen floor and eat it.

This is not going well with the couple’s social media followers. They are blasting the parents calling them “gross”


Jeremy laughs it off, asking, “What did you do Bode,” as daughter Ember ate a handful of the cheese.

“Bode, that’s a no-no dude,” Audrey said as she is filming. The toddlers are having the time of their lives laughing at their parents while shoveling floor cheese into their mouths.

Pinching Pennies?

Jeremy then proceeds to take the empty bag over to the cheese on the floor and begins scooping it up, putting it back into the bag to save the rest instead of tossing it into the trash.

Audrey then begins asking their followers, “Ok but the question is… would you save it or toss it?” Knowing that they would begin receiving hundreds of comments, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff appear to find much humor in the incident.

Fans were eager and happily began sending their comments with more than 60 percent of their followers stating they would throw out the cheese.

The young mother claims she finds the response surprising because they would definitely be saving the cheese. But Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s dirty cheese save has fans calling it disturbing, disgusting and gross.

One fan calls out the parents stating: “Between the cat, and the naked feet… Toss.It.Out. 🤢”

Another wrote: “They’re all barefoot and literally standing in it already!”

Not at all a popular parenting decision. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff may want to rethink their Instagram shares. Especially considering Audrey was recently under scrutiny after sharing photos of her toddler’s bare feet blackened with dirt after allowing them to run through the street without shoes. 

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